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You can still enjoy the mountains, even if walking is not your thing

5 easy to reach mountain huts you should visit this summer

A sunny wooden bench, fresh mountain breeze, a table laid with rich-flavoured speck and alpine cheese: it’s a picture-perfect scene for a mountaineer who has just hiked his way up to the top. Conquering the heights by walking along scenic mountain paths, woodland and sparkling streams brings a lot of satisfaction, plus the perks of being outdoors and exercising.

Although, for some of us it can be a difficult undertaking. You might feel the mountain is beyond your reach, but you still wish you could enjoy the jovial atmosphere and the comfort food of a mountain hut and, of course, the magnificent views that can only be marvelled at from up there.

For this reason, we have picked 5 mountain huts easy to reach by car, ideal for families with young children and for those who can’t easily access the trails.


Rifugio F.lli Tambosi

If you are a nature lover and enjoy Trentino’s traditional dishes, this mountain hut - immersed in the Viote plateau on Mount Bondone - is an ideal destination within a 40-minute drive from Trento. While you are up there, it’s worth visiting the Alpine Botanic Gardens, home to more than 2,000 species of plants.


Rifugio Valentini

Preferred destination amongst skiers for the spectacular Sella Ronda slopes, in the summer this mountain hut - at the furthest point of Valle di Fassa - is a popular meeting point for climbers and mountaineers. Drive to Passo Sella, where you leave your car, and continue for the refuge by way of an easy ten-minute walk.


Rifugio Predaia Ai Todes’ci

In a panoramic location on Altopiano della Predaia in Val di Non, within short distance from Lake Santa Giustina, Rifugio Predaia is an ideal destination for driving day-trippers and families with young children, who will enjoy the generous grassy grounds. Also an ideal base for easy walks suitable for everyone.


Rifugio Adamello Collini Al Bedole

Surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty of Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta in Val di Genova, this mountain hut is a popular summer destination for mountain lovers. You can reach it by car, by way of a small toll charge, or by shuttle bus. The last stretch involves a short 10-minute walk, perfect to soak up the beautiful views.


Rifugio Fos-ce

Wildflowers enthusiasts will not turn down the opportunity of spending a day at Rifugio Fos-ce on Mount Baldo, easy to get to by car from Rovereto from May to November. An ideal base for excursions to the Bes-Corna Piana natural reserve, it’s easy to see why this mountain range was named The Garden of Europe.

Published on 30.04.2019