Spring time: regenerate and get back into shape

6 experiences to spring back into life 

Spring is on its way and you start feeling a buzz in the air. You packed away your woolly jumpers and long to breath fresh air, bask in the warm sun and savour the beauty of nature that is awakening around you. It’s time to take time off, away from the every-way grind, to find a restorative place, immersed in nature and rooted in the well-being lifestyle. 

Appointment with “Doctor Green” - Val di Sole

Have you ever hugged a tree? Have you noticed feeling much happier after? Embracing nature (no figure of speech intended) provides several health benefits. In Trentino, in Parco Naturale dello Stelvio, you can go tree-hugging or practicing Yoga immersed in a lush forest of fir and larch tree. End the day on a high note at Agritur “Il Tempo delle Mele” and savour the genuine farm produce.


Refreshing spring water - Comano

Immersed in Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, there’s small farmhouse where Signora Anita holds onto ancient healing methods like “spugnatura”- literally sponging - to revitalize the body. It consists in massaging the skin with a cloth soaked in natural spring water to detox and boost energy levels. Finish off the treatment with a barefoot walk on dew-sprinkled grass.   

Camminare a piedi nudi ph. Adobestock_162483115 | © Camminare a piedi nudi ph. Adobestock_162483115

Barefoot Walking - Alpe Cimbra

Barefoot Walking on the vast grassy fields of Alpe Cimbra is a unique and enjoyable experience that revives the senses. The soft tickle of grass, the coolness of the stream, the warmth of the rocks lying under the sun create a sensorial journey where each step boosts the body and uplifts the spirit.

Val-di-Non-Piatti-Chifel-e-Mortandela-Carlo-Baroni | © Val-di-Non-Piatti-Chifel-e-Mortandela-Carlo-Baroni-25867

A dinner to stimulate the senses - Val di Non

Emerge from the winter haziness, awake the senses and discover that food is not only good for your body but also for your soul. Join one of the curious “sensorial dinners” at Malga Cloz in Val di Non where you will dine blindfolded, enveloped in the fragrant smells of traditional dishes in a sense-engaging gourmet experience.


Well-being trail - Val Canali

Val Canali is a small patch of heaven where you can feel the embrace of nature as you walk along Le Muse Fedaie, an easy trail looping around Parco Naturale Paneveggio – Pale di San Martino. It’s an opportunity to slow down, be mindful, read a book and, at the end of your walk, discover the regenerative effects of Kneipp Hydrotherapy.


Forest bathing - Altopiano della Paganella

Take a gentle stroll among the beautiful beech tree as the sun pierces through the canopies. Listen to the melody of the stream in perfect harmony with the rustling of the wind through the leaves. Make your way across pretty wooden bridges, feel the breeze of the waterfall and, as you reach the plains, be amazed by the spectacular views across the valley.       


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Published on 16/10/2019