Hidden Trentino

4 little unknown places to discover

You may not find these places in the classic guides, but those who live in Trentino know them well. They are small hidden gems, off the beaten track, that you have probably never even heard of. Secrets well-guarded by the residents, surrounded by the spectacular nature of Trentino, which will surprise and enchant you.

Orrido di Ponte Alto – Trento

It is a place that most don’t know about, but probably not for long, thanks to its spectacular nature. The Canyon dell’Orrido, at the edge of the city of Trento, was opened to the public only recently, after careful work to make it safe. It is incredible to immerse yourself in this gorge carved over millennia by the Fersina stream, between 40-metre waterfalls and layers of red rock.


Il Monte di Mezzocorona - Piana Rotaliana

It is not exactly an unknown place, since it is one of the natural terraces on Trento’s doorstep. But it is difficult to find groups of tourists here. So why not go up on foot or with the small yellow cable car, so you can feel like a real local? And don’t forget to follow the “Magia del bosco” [forest magic] path with its works of art carved in wood: a true open-air museum!


The hidden gorge of Limarò - Comano Terme

The river Sarca, descending from the Adamello-Presanella glacier, has carved a gorge in the rock, reminiscent of an elegant sculpture, with its incessantly running water. To see it, there is a perfect ring tour that will allow you to walk - not without a little adrenaline - on suspended walkways among wild and pristine natural scenarios.


Valle del Rio Cavallo - Alpe Cimbra

“Loosen your horse’s mane” and head up the Rio Cavallo valley: it may be the best exhortation to invite you to explore this green valley, where the spray of small waterfalls accompanies your steps, while the chirping of birds mingles with the rushing water. To fully appreciate it, it is best to let yourself be overcome by a feeling of wellness and wildness.


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Published on 09/04/2019