Where to go and what to do if you have only one weekend in Trentino

5 original experiences between adventure, nature and tasty treats

Springtime is all about adventures and new discoveries. Winter cosy-up-inside days are out, fresh experiences and weekend getaways in the outdoors are in. But where do you start?

Browse our insider’s guide to the best things to do in Trentino on a spring weekend: whether you are visiting for the first time or coming back to explore more, there’s so much going on that no two trips will be the same.

We picked for you five activities worth getting out and about, each different from the other but with three things in common: they are all original, interactive and rigorously outdoor.

So, what are you doing this weekend?

Falesia dimenticata, Comano

The one if you are sporty

A sheer rock wall at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites has been given a new purpose as part of an initiative of a local group of climbers. A popular outdoor sport that has become in a few years a social project, “apericlimbing” combines the thrill of climbing with the pleasure of spending few hours with likeminded people.

Equitazione in Paganella

The one if you are up for some cowboy action

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cowboy for a day, exploring the countryside on the back of a horse? Swap the vast American prairies for the Paganella pastures and the Grand Canyon for the sceneries of the Brenta Dolomites for an authentic experience in the wild.

River trekking, Val di Non

The one if you are looking for adventure

The most exciting experiences are without doubt those less common. River trekking along the canyons of Lake Santa Giustina is certainly one to add to the bucket list: submerged by water for most of the year, the gorges can be accessed during some weeks in spring. Choose the right time and travel to Val di Non to experience sceneries of outstanding natural beauty.

The one if you want to take it slow

The one if you want to take it slow

If you prefer a gentler way to get around to the giddy-up pace of horse riding, head to Val di Fiemme and try “Panorami con gusto”: e-bike tours through picturesque mountain landscapes and enchanting woodland combined with delicious tastings in traditional wooden huts, known as baite.

Qc terme, Val di Fassa

The one if you need a breath of fresh air

Now take a deep breath, take your shoes off and walk barefoot across refreshing streams, carpets of moss and a natural Kneipp circuit. The Gardens of Re Laurino in Val di Fiemme offer a unique sensory experience: Sora L’Aga combines pure relaxation with spectacular panoramas. Top it all off with a visit at QC Terme Dolomiti Spa, a must for luxurious wellness.