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Summer in the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio (National Park)

Discover all the park activities in the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range 

SUMMER -   There are tutors who tell you stories about the woods, but also barefoot walks and forest bathing. This summer you can choose amongst a wide range of offers proposed by the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio to relax in peace and quiet, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Spruces and silver firs, larches and stone-pines: this is what you can find in the Parco dello Stelvio – one of the oldest in Italy – which is characterised mainly by coniferous forests. It is a typical high-altitude park that reaches the highest peak of the mountain range, the 3.905 m high Ortles.

Created in 1935 to protect the flora and fauna of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain chain, it is constantly being developed and it has plenty of activities in store for this summer. Discover them!

The Stelvio National Park

The varied flora of the park

Summer activities

A “trail that tells a story”

Walking in peace inside the park, throughout the day, you will meet some very well informed “tutors”, who tell you various stories about the woods and recommend the best routes to follow. For instance, do you know that in Val di Rabbi you can reach the woods of the Consortela (an ancient institution that manages the common property of the local inhabitants), which are rich in larches that are drilled to extract turpentine, an activity that is still carried out today.

Walking barefoot

Do you know that “barefooting” is an excellent remedy for your body and soul? It helps improve your posture, balance, blood circulation, but it also reduces stress and heightens your energy. In Val di Rabbi, you can try and reconnect with yourself, walking barefoot on the ground, moss, grass, river-smoothed stones … and clear, freezing water.

Experience “forest bathing”

You may already have bathed in an alpine stream, but have you ever tried “forest bathing”? In the Parco dello Stelvio you can try this wonderful experience, breathing deeply amongst larches and spruces, which release beneficial particles for our bodies.



The Stelvio National Park

The inhabitants of the forest

Explore and find your balance

Work on your breathing

If you are interested in regaining a more natural rhythm of breathing, the park also offers slow-paced walks, real “breathing workshops” that help you realise the effects of air on human health and vegetation.

Go on a walk with an astrophysicist

The park can also be explored at night in the company of an astrophysicist. The Parco dello Stelvio is one of the rare places where there is an absence of light pollution: you will be able to pry out all the secrets of the sky.

Learn about bats

Always at night, you can gain a better understanding of our bat friends, which are often portrayed as sinister due to their appearance, but they are extremely useful sometimes. For instance, do you know that a single bat can devour hundreds of mosquitoes in one night?


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Published on 08/06/2020