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The Parco Fluviale della Sarca (river park) and the Rete di Riserve Val di Cembra (network of nature reserves)

Find out about the wide range of summer activities that are planned for these two areas

SUMMER - This summer, it will be crucial to embrace the natural world and make the most of the benefits for the body and the soul that are offered by the trees, woods, flora and fauna. Therefore, our nature reserves have lined up a highly original summer full of interesting new activities.

Get to know the Parco Fluviale della Sarca

The Parco Fluviale della Sarca is a park that covers the entire length of the Sarca River. It is truly unique because it encompasses all of the different types of landscape in Trentino. The origins of the Sarca lie in the Adamello Alpine glaciers and it flows for just over 80 km before reaching the Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda. A wide range of environments can be found along its route: Alpine valleys with thick fir woods, the verdant valley floor at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, and the vineyards and olive groves on the shores of Lake Garda.
You can walk or cycle on marked routes almost all along the length of the park. On the way, you will find panels that tell you about local wildlife, history and culture. A number of areas that are protected due to their distinctive features are joined together. Among them are the Bosco Caproni (a wood), the Marocche di Dro (a rocky area) and Monte Brione (an area of high ground), which are three iconic sites at the Trentino end of Lake Garda.

River Park Sarca - Parco Fluviale della Sarca and Natural Reserves of Val di Cembra

A high-tech treasure hunting

The joys of geocaching

Geocaching is like high-tech treasure hunting. Instead of a traditional map, in the Parco Fluviale della Sarca you can use an app to seek out 47 places of natural and cultural interest. Each one has its own QR Code, which you can scan to collect precious points and try to win prizes such as overnight stays, tasting sessions and local products from farms in the area.

Start your treasure hunt


See everything from terraced vineyards to shepherd’s huts in the Rete di Riserve Val di Cembra-Avisio

Val di Cembra is a peaceful, secluded part of Trentino. The villages are perched on hillside terraces and they are often surrounded by picturesque vineyards. They are nestled up there because the Avisio River winds its way through narrow gaps between rocks, steep hills and gorges.

It’s tough work exploring the mountain landscape in the area, but it’s a wonderful way to get a genuine taste of the atmosphere in the tightly packed villages full of sturdy old houses and covered passageways known as “porteghi”. There is an educational trail in the nearby woods with five interactive installations that offer stimulating multisensory experiences featuring sounds, smells, colours and reflections.


River Park Sarca - Parco Fluviale della Sarca and Natural Reserves of Val di Cembra

Walking among the trees

Discover the benefits of “largà”!

Follow the “Largà” trail in Val di Cembra and experience the marvels of what the Japanese call “shinrin-yoku”, also known in English as “forest bathing”.
The Piani larch wood in Val di Cembra is the perfect place to “immerse” yourself in the natural environment and benefit from the revitalizing properties of the particles released by the trees. While you are there, you can learn about the invaluable qualities of “largà”, or larch resin. It was once extracted for industrial purposes and it is also used in home remedies because it is believed to have healing powers.

Walk among the larch trees


Published on 08/06/2020