A dip into well-being

Revitalise yourself in the woods of Trentino

Forest of Trentino for your health
Forest of Trentino for your health

With over 1,000 trees per inhabitant and over a third of its territory contained within natural parks and protected areas, Trentino is the ideal place to revitalise your body and mind thanks to experiences like “forest bathing”. This activity takes you deep into the woodlands and let’s you breathe in the pure air and its beneficial essences.

What could be better first thing in the morning than to sit outside in the sun and take a yoga lesson to get that blood flowing? To get a better feel of nature and the surroundings you can also try walking barefoot, maybe along one of the dedicated trails you’ll find in Trentino or let yourself be guided by a local expert.

And in the evening, nature continues to embrace you in the hotels and farmhouses with their country furnishings and wood panel walls.

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Forest bathing

This Japanese practice (shinrin-yoku), known to be beneficial to your health, involves visiting forests for relaxation and recreation while breathing in the plant essences in the air.
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Walking barefoot

Re-establish contact with nature: walk barefoot, feel the earth and grass beneath your toes, make way for a sensorial experience that will award you with e heightened sense of liberty.

Swiss pine

Swiss pine, known locally as “cirmolo”, is abundant in the forests of Trentino. Its fine wood has been used for centuries for furniture and wall panelling also due to the calming effect it seems to elicit.
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Open-air yoga

Breathe, meditate, revitalise. Yoga is the ideal activity for those weho wish to relax both body and mind. Here you’ll find some useful tips on where to practice yoga outdoors in Trentino.