For Trentino, safety comes first.

In this section, you can learn more about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones.

“A day in the life of...”

For those who like to holiday less like a tourist and more like a local

The authentic traveller spirit is the one that takes you beyond the conventional tours, off the grid where there’s more than sightseeing, there’s a genuine feel of adventure. If you are looking not just to visit Trentino but to live it, to connect with the land, its people and experience first-hand its traditions, here are 4 experiences that will add a real sense of adventure to your holiday.


A day in the life of a dairy keeper 

Time slows down in Valsugana, a peaceful atmosphere only broken by the sound of cowbells, and the dairy keeper waking up early to start milking. If you wish to discover the daily routine of an alpine dairy and join in the milk production, this is a unique experience worth the early rise.


A day in the life of a speleologist

Wet suit, helmet, and head torch is all you need to become a speleologist for a day. Follow in complete safety the guide through Bus della Spia in Val di Non, a fascinating cave featuring a natural phenomenon described as a “breathing” cavity that cyclically fills with water producing gurgling echoes.


A day in the life of a grower

Val di Gresta is an alpine valley is home to a vast oasis of vegetables growing and fruit orchards where you can truly be in contact with nature. Spend a day picking your own fruits to bring home in an eco-basket together with some wonderful memories.


A day in the life of a beekeeper

A labour of love, patience and dedication that mirrors the tireless work of bees. If you are looking for an experience in Paganella that combines an outdoor activity with tastings of natural goodness, you will find this experience very rewarding. 

Published on 18.03.2019