Wine trekking through the mountain vineyards

Four treks followed by fantastic tasting experiences


Trentino is the only region that rhymes with vino, as an old Italian slogan goes. And we’re not the only ones who see the connection: the combination of top-quality wine and high-altitude vineyards — often surpassing 700 metres in altitude — in 2020 convinced the prestigious New York magazine Wine Enthusiast to name Trentino as its Wine Region of the Year”. 

Trentino is also an unbeatable destination for all those who love getting in touch with nature through outdoor experiences. So why not combine the two in a wonderful walk through the vineyards on the mountainside? A trekking experience becomes truly unforgettable if it is followed by the pleasure of a visit to a winery, to drink a glass of wine in the company of the winegrowers themselves.

So, we have four potential routes to suggest to you, in three zones which offer different landscapes and types of wine. Why not plan a weekend tailored to lovers of wine and nature?


Wine trekking in Trentino

Wine trekking through glades and fields of corn in Vallagarina

We approach from the south, ascending from the province of Verona along the course of the river Adige. Along the way, you can’t fail to notice the vast Vallagarina basin, which is protected by the Piccole Dolomiti mountain range, or “Little Dolomites”. The valley which spreads itself out before your gaze is the largest area planted with vines in all Trentino.

With its charming medieval villages, corn fields, hills and terraces, and the steep slopes of the side valleys, Vallagarina is nothing short of a treasure trove of indigenous grape varieties and fine wines like Trentodoc and such exceptional indigenous reds as Marzemino, Enantio and Foja Tonda.

The trekking experience at Borgo dei Posseri in Ala, at an altitude of 625 metres, is a real gem. At the winery, you will receive a map and a basket of local products to take with you as refreshments on a walk that you are free to enjoy on your own, taking as much time as you like. Follow the map along a multisensory route dotted with “islands” where you can stop close to certain vines and taste the wine produced from those very fruits.

Wine trekking in Trentino

Discovering Nosiola in the “healthy” vineyard of Pressano

Heading north, following the course of the Adige, you will come to the Avisiane Hills, which are famous for their highly aromatic white wines. The hills are rich in health-giving sites, as revealed by the Latin etymology of Pressano, one of their main settlements: Priutianum, the place of health.

In fact, it is at Pressano that you can go trekking in search of one of the very few Nosiola vineyards which have been in existence for a hundred years. This ancient vine variety, which yields a refreshing and mineral-rich grape, still survives in the fields of a few dedicated winegrowers.

The three Pilati brothers behind the Klinger farm tend it with a fierce determination at Maso Clinga, famous for its breath-taking view. These three young winegrowers will guide you on a fascinating trek through the vineyards, providing you with lots of information about the area and finishing with samples of the wines in the tiny, old tasting room tucked away in the ancient walls of their farmstead.

Endrizzi Wine Experience - APT Paganella | © Endrizzi Wine Experience - APT Paganella

An ascending trek through the abyss of a vertical garden

We remain in the area for a detour into the heart of Lavis. A unique, vertical trek awaits you taking you underground via spiral staircases, then back up to the sky for an emotional toast on the Lovers’ Balcony.

Right where the Adige Valley meets the alluvial rock of the Noce River and where the Avisio River ended its journey carrying wood to the ancient villages. At the foot of the terraced walls of the heroic Val di Cembra, it is here, in the Piana Rotaliana, on the ground warmed by the sun rays reflecting off Monte Corona, that a prince among wines was born: the Teroldego  dragon’s blood” DOC. But that’s not all.

Chiara, Lorenzo and Federico Simoni from the Cantine Monfort wineries produce, among other things, a precious, dry, intense Trentodoc. Perfect for toasting a the end of Scale Urbane sensory hike, taking you from the underground wineries to the village’s historic streets, to the Giardino dei Ciucioi – a suspended vertical jewel, created from the vision of a man, Tommaso Bortolotti, who suspended time to dream of light.

Wine trekking in Trentino

Startlingly steep vineyards by the lake in Val di Non

The time has come now to move northwards towards Val di Non, the valley of apples, with its succession of gently rolling hills covered with orchards and the deep canyons carved out by the river Noce.

Here, you will discover one of the “highest” red wines produced in Europe, Groppello di Revò: an ancient indigenous variety of red grape, used today by just four wineries to produce a very limited number of bottles. Just try to imagine how different things were during the Hapsburg Empire, when Trentino’s sun-drenched valley of apples was completely covered in vines, earning it the nickname “the vineyard of the Viennese court”.

In this valley, you can try trekking at the Cantina LasteRosse Winery: Silvia and Pietro Pancheri — a winegrower and master of Nordic walking — will accompany you through their steep vineyards on the Rio Novella canyon, finishing the walk at their delightful winery in the heart of town with a tasting of classic method wine made from Groppello grapes, the highly aromatic Traminer and, of course, the richly spiced red Groppello wine. 

Excellent! Now the time has come to pack your rucksack. You’ll need hiking shoes, a camera, plus an insatiable curiosity. Our winegrowers are eager to meet you, just remember to book your trekking experience early. These businesses are family run, and advance preparation means you can be sure of enjoying the countryside and their invaluable company to the full.

Discover all of Trentino’s wines!

Discover all of Trentino’s wines!

Published on 23/01/2024