Wine and hospitality

Discover how many stories are hidden in a glass of wine

Sanctuaries of well-being, among the vineyards of Trentino, far from everything and everyone. A refuge you’ve always dreamed of, where you can satisfy both your sense of taste and your curiosity.

These wine cellars of Trentino are small family-run establishments housed in stone and wood farmsteads where vintners tell of how their best wines are born through hard work every day. It’s an experience that can’t be missed.

The ideal trip will take you from the shores of Lake Garda and the Madonna delle Vittorie farm, blessed by the mild climate of the area. Not far away and following the course of the Adige river you reach Vallagarina, home of Marzemino wine. Here the Vallarom Wine Cellars open the doors to their “agriturismo” or farm holiday establishment that is built above the “caneve”, the local term for cellars, where their wines are left to age. Their indoor wellness centre adds extra delight.

Following the valley north towards Trento, after the splendid medieval stronghold of Beseno – which definitely deserves a visit – in the small town of Calliano we find the Salizzoni Cellars which also has a small but cosy farm restaurant.

For all curious people who want to discover how a glass of wine can become a full sense experience, we suggest a nice stop by Eredi di Cobelli Aldo. Located on the natural terrace between Valle dell’Adige and Valle di Cembra, the family-run cellar hosts also a fine Agriturismo, called Cobei “bed&break wine” .

The beer is fresh, young and bright just like its brewers Andrea and Leonardo who opened the Maso Alto craft brewery not far from Trento, which also offers a beer tavern and a warm welcome. The owners use locally found wild hops to create authentic beers with a nod to the surrounding territory.