Hidden Trentino: the world of beers

Let’s discover the excellent Trentino craft beers. Small stories of big passions.

“Cerevisiamalorumdivinamedicina” (Paracelsus)

Beer, in its Latin denomination, proposed as a divine remedy: a drink with a long history that has become, in the last twenty years or so, a niche phenomenon, young and trendy. Beer production was already well established in our mountains and farming traditions, where quite often the master brewer also assumes the roles of head of the family, producer and innkeeper.

From the rediscovery of traditional brewing methods to the care and choice of the raw materials used, the brewing panorama in Trentino offers a unique chance to travel through the secretive world of niche breweries where the respect of traditions blends with the youthful enthusiasm of the brewers themselves. These details are revealed through the personality of the beer producers and the flavour each gives to the product of his brewing art: a vibrant mix of energy, passion and tradition that is becoming ever more sophisticated.

Let’s forget for the moment the classic pairing of “pizza and beer” and the tendency to think of beer as commonplace, and let’s look at this beverage as something modern, young, versatile and innovative, in both body and taste. To get the most out of it, here are some fantastic suggestions to help you get your “beerings”!