Awaken your palate with spring taste events

A swallow does not make spring, but many events dedicated to Trentino foods and wines do!

SPRING 2024 - Spring is knocking, bringing to the table new flavours and aromas, in addition to weather changes and new landscapes enhanced by renewed shapes and colours... Spring in Trentino is a season of special food and wine events dedicated to the territory and its delicacies.

In Trentino, spring means walking in the sun, perhaps along the shores of Lake Garda, and spectacular blooms. One among many, the apple orchards that give fame to Val di Non, whose gentle hilly landscape features an explosion of white flowers, a prelude to a new harvest of juicy and fragrant fruits. Spring is also synonymous with Nosiola, the vine which gives life to Vino Santo which is best enjoyed at Easter time, after a skilful grape drying process In Trentino, the spring season offers an opportunity to rediscover excellent products through events dedicated to wines, craft beers and the rich local culinary traditions.

At table with the Fairy of the Dolomites

From 17th to 22nd March, the fairytale sunsets of Moena, the Fairy of the Fassa Dolomites, invite you to dinner. The flavours and scents of spring, expertly combined in four Michelin-starred gourmet menus. On your plate, the authentic Ladin tradition, revisited with respect and creativity by the Ristora Moena chefs.


Between March and April, this event allows you to discover the cultural and natural heritage of the Valle dei Laghi and, above all, the food and wine tradition linked in particular to the production of the Vino Santo Trentino, a fusion of the territory’s quality grapes and the craft expertise of its inhabitants.

Asparagus from the ground to the table

From mid-April to mid-May, come to Piana Rotaliana to get to know the delicate taste of Zambana White Asparagus. You will be able to see how asparagus is grown, participate in the harvest and discover all the properties of this typically spring product. And, in the end, you can taste asparagus in various traditional recipes, pairing them with Trentino wines or tasty apple juice.

Di Maso in Maso, di Vino in Vino

On 25 April, the Avisian Hills will once again be the stage for one of the most awaited spring events. A food and wine itinerary along the Wine Trail. The route includes several stops to taste local wines, sparkling wines, juices and craft beers combined with excellent rustic dishes and local products that will appeal to even the little ones.

Zicoria Festival

Between April and May, Val di Rabbi offers nature lovers an opportunity intended to enhance the local culinary excellence and distinctive traits, respecting and involving those who work and live every day in the mountains. Two weeks to welcome spring, with a focus on wild herbs. And to learn how to distinguish, collect and use them in the kitchen.

Teroldego Rotaliano Exhibition

From 17 to 19 May, the Piana Rotaliana hosts a celebration of the princely Teroldego Rotaliano DOC, the noblest of Trentino’s native red grape varieties. Palazzo Conti Montini in Mezzocorona opens its rooms for a complete tasting experience, a journey through wineries, labels and memories.

Scopoli Palace – Casa del Cibo

In the heart of Tonadico, within one of Primiero’s most prestigious palaces – on its own well worth visiting for its historic links to the survival of the local community – sits the “Casa del Cibo” (House of Food). A unique project combining reflection, meeting and narration, where local produce and food traditions provide a window on the past, present and future of an entire region. The house plays host to many initiatives and events providing the public with opportunities to learn, share, taste and fall in love with mountain cuisine.

Aprile Dolce Fiorire

From April 15th to May 2nd, the Val di Non celebrates spring! April is the month of enchantment. The valley is tinged with the delicate pink and white of the apple blossom that emanates the sweet, delicate scent of the season when nature is reborn. A fleeting moment to be seized in festive days of refined euphoria. 

Published on 09/02/2024