Reawaken your taste buds this spring with our food and wine events

One swallow does not a summer make, nor a spring for that matter, but a series of food & wine events in Trentino this spring definitely will!

Spring is around the corner and, besides changing the weather and transforming the landscape with its fresh scents and colours, it brings an array of unique aromas and tastes to the table. Springtime in Trentino is a season characterised by special food and wine events and festivals, centred around the local territory and its delicacies, that simply cannot be missed.

In Trentino, springtime means carefree strolls in the sunshine, maybe along the banks of Lake Garda, and sudden and spectacular blooms of flowers. An example are the famous apple orchards of the Val di Non, where the gentle hilly landscape is coated in an explosion of white apple blossoms, a prelude to the following autumn’s harvest of fragrant juicy fruit. Springtime is also associated to Nosiola, the vines from which Vino Santo is produced and which, after the skilful process of grape-drying, can be tasted at Easter. Spring, a season which in Trentino represents a unique opportunity for rediscovering outstanding products through a series of events dedicated to wines, craft beers and the rich culinary tradition of this territory.


The “DiVinNosiola” event takes place throughout the month of April 2019 in various locations across the Valle dei Laghi and in Trento city. This event allows visitors to discover the cultural and natural heritage of this valley and, above all, the food and wine tradition which is linked in a special way to the production of the Vino Santo, or “Holy Wine” of Trentino, which represents the unique encounter between the fruits of this land and the skills of its inhabitants. Find out more

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Asparagus: from the earth to the table

From the 7th to the 28th of April in the Piana Rotaliana plain come and discover the delicate taste of the White Asparagus of Zambana. Find out how asparagus is cultivated, take part in the harvest and discover all the properties of this typical spring product. Of course, after all the hard work, you can always sit down and try the asparagus in a range of different local dishes, maybe accompanied by a glass of Trentino wine or tasty apple juice.

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Gemme di Gusto

From the 1st to the 5th of May along the Food & Wine Trail, the Gemme di Gusto event is a series of open-air initiatives in vineyards, olive groves, woodlands and flowering meadows. Walks and guided tours of local artistic and cultural landmarks combined with tasting events are on offer. You will discover the region’s culinary treasures, from the Piana Rotaliana to the Valle di Cembra, from the Vallagarina to Lake Garda, from Trento to the Valsugana and the Valli Giudicarie.

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Along with spring comes an unmissable appointment with high-quality products. Indeed, from the 24th to the 26th of May you can stop off at Cerevisia, a festival dedicated to craft beers. The best brewers in Trentino gather in the town of Fondo in the upper Val di Non to greet visitors with their high quality beers and maybe unveil some of the secrets behind the fascinating world of brewing.

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Published on 23/04/2019