Awaken your palate with spring taste events

A swallow does not make spring, but many events dedicated to Trentino foods and wines do!

SPRING 2022 - Spring is knocking, bringing to the table new flavours and aromas, in addition to weather changes and new landscapes enhanced by renewed shapes and colours... Spring in Trentino is a season of special food and wine events dedicated to the territory and its delicacies.

In Trentino, spring means walking in the sun, perhaps along the shores of Lake Garda, and spectacular blooms. One among many, the apple orchards that give fame to Val di Non, whose gentle hilly landscape features an explosion of white flowers, a prelude to a new harvest of juicy and fragrant fruits. Spring is also synonymous with Nosiola, the vine which gives life to Vino Santo which is best enjoyed at Easter time, after a skilful grape drying process In Trentino, the spring season offers an opportunity to rediscover excellent products through events dedicated to wines, craft beers and the rich local culinary traditions.

Zicoria Festival

Between April and May, Val di Rabbi offers nature lovers an opportunity intended to enhance the local culinary excellence and distinctive traits, respecting and involving those who work and live every day in the mountains. Two weeks to welcome spring, with a focus on wild herbs. And to learn how to distinguish, collect and use them in the kitchen.

Asparagus from the ground to the table

From mid-April to mid-May, come to Piana Rotaliana to get to know the delicate taste of Zambana White Asparagus. You will be able to see how asparagus is grown, participate in the harvest and discover all the properties of this typically spring product. And, in the end, you can taste asparagus in various traditional recipes, pairing them with Trentino wines or tasty apple juice.

Gemme di Gusto (Gems of Taste)

During the month of May, Gemme di Gusto offers many outdoor initiatives in vineyards, olive groves, woods and flowering meadows along the Trentino Wines and Flavours Route. Walks and guided art and culture tours enhanced by excellent wine and food tastings. You will discover food and wine treasures from Piana Rotaliana, Cembra Valley, Vallagarina, Lake Garda, Trento, Valsugana and Giudicarie Valleys.

Di Maso in Maso, di Vino in Vino 

On 25 April, the Avisian Hills will once again be the stage for one of the most awaited spring events. A food and wine itinerary along the Wine Trail. The route includes several stops to taste local wines, sparkling wines, juices and craft beers combined with excellent rustic dishes and local products that will appeal to even the little ones.

Taste Routes

Select your trail and walk in Taste. The Apple Route, between the Noce Valleys, the Cheese Route on the crest of the Dolomites or the Wine Route, from Garda to the Dolomites passing through the Adige Valley. Each has its own itineraries. Hit the road and follow the clues we have left on the way for you.

Published on 19/04/2022