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Felicetti, family pasta since 1908

Air and water of the Dolomites: the secret ingredients of the pasta produced by the historical Trentino business are finally revealed

What makes a great pasta? The most obvious answer would be good water and quality grain, and yet without the touch of the true protagonist, the “mastro pastaio” or master pasta maker, the magic wouldn’t be possible. Since the beginning of last century in Predazzo, the art of pasta making has been a family business in the Felicetti household, with everyone involved in pinpointing the best areas for wheat growing and in the accurate selection of the best grains in order to constantly guarantee maximum levels of quality for this symbolic product of Italy: pasta.

For over four generations, the family has maintained an organisation akin to a team of specialists, not only are there experts in choosing the right raw materials and production processes, but those dedicated to communication and spreading their all-Italian message to the world.

Only the pure mountain air of the Dolomites and the uncontaminated water from the Latemar Glacier have remained constant factors in the production of Felicetti pasta over the years. These resources have almost become “terroir”, to use a term borrowed from wine-making to describe those elements unique and deeply rooted to a given territory, invariants that can be counted on and worked with, that can be combined but never mixed. Values strongly linked to the surrounding territory and traditions have been emphasised by the Felicetti family through spirit of innovation and being at the forefront when it comes to the selection of grains, with special attention to organic strains, maybe forfeiting an increase in production in order to guarantee quality.

The varieties of pasta offered by the brands Felicetti, Felicetti Speciale Gastronomia and Monograno Felicetti, over the years have gone from over 150 down to 100, demonstrating the company’s focus on quality rather than quantity and conveying a concept far from the trivial idea of pasta as a basic or even secondary ingredient in the kitchen. Felicetti today is a pasta producer with its very own business DNA. With a constant respect for both man and the environment, these details represent an added value and a unique flavour to the magnificent first course dishes of our traditional cuisine.

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