See you for an aperitif!

A lakeside aperitif, perhaps at sunset, with a glass of Trentodoc spumante. Why not give it a try?

You’ve been at the lake all day - maybe windsurfing, or just lying in the sun with a good book and your favourite music. However, you have spent your day, it doesn’t matter. What counts, is that at the end of the afternoon you will meet your friends for a refreshing aperitif, lit by the last rays of sunlight as sunset approaches.

What are you going to choose today? The elegant bubbles of Trentodoc, which caress your palate, or a cold craft beer - better yet, a local one? You can accompany your glass or mug with typical cheeses of Trentino and tasty zero-kilometre cold meats.

There are so many places in Trentino where you can find an excellent aperitif. Here are a few that we have chosen for you!


Bar Gelateria Punta Lido - Lake Garda

The best time to enjoy this terrace on the tip of the lido beach in Riva? Just before sunset, when the water turns into a more intense blue and the typical Ora wind settles, your gaze can stare at the distant sky framed by mountains. And, of course, the sun bids farewell for the day and sinks into the horizon.

Info: Bar Gelateria Punta Lido – Via Carducci 10, 38066 Riva del Garda - Tel: +39 3351307227


Rociondola Sunset Bar - Lake Levico

Recently opened, this split-level bar fits perfectly into its surroundings dominated by the beach at Parco Segantini on the shores of Levico lake. A great place for a cocktail at sunset, maybe on the terrace along with some good music.

Info: Rociondola Sunset Bar – Parco Segantini, Levico Terme, Tel: +39 340 655 4354


Viridis Hotel - Lake Santa Giustina

From here, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Val di Non. Its indoor rooms and its small but romantic terrace overlook the large Lake Santa Giustina, surrounded by the woods, canyons and villages of Val di Non. The Brenta Dolomites are the cherry on the cake. Perfect for an aperitif - perhaps a craft beer from one of the local breweries.

Info: Hotel Viridis, Via Nazionale, 62 - Cagnò, +39 0463 431048


Barbù Bar - Lake Ledro

If gin is your passion, Barbù is the right place! Directly on the lido beach of the enchanting hamlet of Pur, on the shores of Lake Ledro, tailor-made cocktails with selected gins from Japan or England, but also national ones... And if gin is not your forte, come and find out what Barbù has in store for you!

Info: Barbù Bar – Via Val Maria 33, 38067 Pur TN- Tel: +39 3481329313


New Lido – Serraia Lake

Chic aperitif on the beach? Yes, please. An enchanting location on the Serraia Lake: a huge drop of water surrounded by a nature trail. New Lido welcomes you all year round for a day spent outdoors. Its many souls, depending on the time of day, offer romantic moments and lounging at sunset, as well as sun and beach bar music for a full energy boost.

Info: New Lido Ristorante e Pinseria, via del Lido 1, 38042 Baselga di Pinè, +39 0461 554078


Bar La Playa - Lake Molveno

An intimate place, directly on one of Trentino’s most spectacular lakes. Is there anything better than ice cold beer while you are enjoying a sunny day, perhaps while the kids are running around on the beach? Or maybe a TrentoDOC before the sun flips over the water?

Info: Bar La Playa, via Lungo Lago 25, 38018 Molveno, Tel: +39 0461 586978


Gourmet aperitif on a sailing boat

This is not a club! It is an unusual and a little chic experience. On Lake Garda, the aperitif is served directly on the sailboat. TrentoDOC sparkling wine, lake fish, carne salada (salted meat) and Trentingrana cheese: relax and enjoy at sunset!


Gourmet aperitif on a sailboat

This is not a bar! It is an unusual and chic experience. Your aperitif on Lake Garda will be served on a sailboat. Ferrari Trentodoc sparkling wine, fish caught fresh from the lake, carne salada, Trentingrana: relax and enjoy the sunset!

Published on 03/07/2023