Walks in the snow

Easy walks to take in winter

A gleaming white mantle lies over meadows, fir trees and the rooftops of farmhouses, revealing the outlines of an enchanted landscape, completely transformed by winter’s magic. It beckons irresistibly to those who love to walk through the snow, breathing in the pure, crisp air and rambling at a leisurely pace.

The routes we recommend for you alternate between wide, sun-dappled expanses and atmospheric paths through the woods. These are themed trails through the trees, or offer a mountain lodge or dairy hut as their destination so you can enjoy a refreshing rest before your return. 

You can simply walk these trails or, in the case of soft, freshly-fallen snow, you can tackle them wearing snowshoes. Here’s a helpful tip for you: bring a set of spikes adaptable for all shoes with you too. These will allow you to cross even hard or frozen ice safely.

The Breath of the Trees hiking trail

During winter, the village of Lavarone in the heart of Alpe Cimbra is the starting point for you to visit a living monument: Il Respiro degli Alberi (the Breath of the Trees). This spell-binding themed trail, deep in the woods, showcases many works of art united by the common theme of trees, those cornerstones of life. The view overlooks Valsugana and Lake Caldonazzo.

To the Rifugio Fuciade

This trail is almost completely flat, so that even the smallest adventurers can enjoy being pulled along on a sledge or toboggan. The 45-minute walk takes visitors from the San Pellegrino Pass in Val di Fassa to the Rifugio Fuciade. This is an ideal destination for lunch or a snack. Follow the same route on the return journey or perhaps take a horse-drawn carriage.

To the Rifugio Tana dell’Ermellino

This beautiful, flat trail can also be completed by horse-drawn carriage. Starting from the stables in Andalo, on the Paganella Plateau, an easy, snow-covered road leads to the RifugioTana dell’Ermellino.

Hunting the dragons of Latemar Mountain

Every step reveals a fresh surprise! The Dragon's Forest, in Val di Fiemme, is a half-hour trail that uses fairytale-inspired games to transform a walk in the compact snow into a true adventure packed with entertaining “challenges”. Upon arrival at Latemar Mountain, the fun continues with sledging and tubing. Ideal for families!

A trip to the Malga Ritorto

The scent of fir trees welcomes travellers on their way to the Malga Ritorto. This simple trail begins at Patascoss, which is accessible by car. The flat, snow-carpeted road winds its way through the woods to a clearing in front of the cottage, where you can tuck into a tasty plate of polenta with a view of the Brenta Dolomites.

Published on 30/11/2021