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Chasing gnomes along magical trails

5 walks for children in a magical and fun-filled world

The “Once upon a times” in Trentino are countless. Re (king) Laurino, Fata (fairy) Gavardina and the Talking Cricket of the Val Lomasona, roll down from their mountain top, cloud or crest to play hide-and-seek along a number of magical trails.

These are the Fairy-Tale Trails, fun and easy and to be enjoyed by the whole family. Behind tree and outcrops, magical figures peep out, or maybe you’ll come across some new games to try: an enchanted castle to explore, ropes for climbing, trunks to be drummed and green seas of grass to be photographed. And then of course, a race up to the mountain hut, made of wood, stones and colourful balconies. The perfect place to end a perfect day, something out of a fairy tale.


The Little Walkers’ Way – Valle di Comano

In the Comano Valle Salus there are 6 of these grassy trails and for each of these, the writer Stefano Bordiglioni has written a story for children. Talking crickets, witches, bears and a magical piper: a fairy-tale world which unveils itself one step at a time along these paths, like a living tale to be experienced and not only read.


The forgotten path – Val di Fassa

The trail will take you through the centuries, from ancient volcanoes to an Alpine garden, to learn about minerals and fossils, flowers and plants that cover the Buffaure ridge, as well as the animals that live in these woods. Ideal for families with children aged 6 and over.


Le Fiabe nel bosco – Alpe Cimbra

Have you ever imagined, walking through the woods, what it would be like to suddenly bump into Rapunzel, the witch from Hansel and Gretel, or the ugly duckling? All of these characters have been sculpted into wooden statues by a variety of artists, and can be visited along this trail, at the feet of the Vigolana. Its 3 km length makes it accessible to all, so children can see the carvings while their parents read the fairy tales to them.


The Fondovalle Nature Trail – Val di Ledro

Once upon a time there was a fairy named Gavardina who would cheer up the inhabitants of the Valle di Ledro with her melodious songs. One day however, overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the modern world, she decided to hide away in a cave until… the rest, as they say, is history or rather a story that you’ll discover along the Fondovalle Nature Trail in the Val Concei. Besides the search for “Fata Gavardina” there’s the wizard of the Val Rendena and his elves and a tasty break at the Rifugio Al Faggio!


The “Labour, fairies and witches” trail – Val di Non

Animals and characters from fairy tales and legends all cleverly sculpted from wood along a trail that winds it ways between the hamlet of Preghena and the woods of the Val di Non. A round trip along the “Il lavoro, le fate, le streghe” trail recounts the lives of mountain people and their traditions, all in an enchanted landscape. Remember to bring your picnic basket, there are plenty of great spots for a tasty break.

Published on 30/04/2021