5 mountain huts for young hikers

Easy walks and enchanting panoramas: these are our family-friendly mountain huts

You know what’s really unique about a “rifugio” or mountain hut? It’s that you feel one step closer to the very soul of the mountains. Maybe it’s the crisp air that tickles your nostrils, maybe it’s the amazing views or maybe it’s simply the walk you took to arrive, but one thing’s for sure: the mountains are much closer here. And why not stay a night, you’ll be guaranteed a front-row seat for the greatest show there is. Timeless and breath-taking.

And how about enjoying some old mountain stories straight from the mouth of a local, and soaking in the warmth and hospitality that only a “rifugista” (hut manager) can offer. Truth be told, some mountain huts are too difficult to reach for younger climbers, so here we have selected a list of easily-accessible yet genuine mountain huts all waiting to be discovered!


The “Brigata Lupi di Toscana” hut, Valle del Chiese

Despite the name, this mountain hut is located in Trentino, close to the border with Lombardy in an area known as Boniprati (“Fine meadows”): the name itself is a guarantee! You can even reach it by car and from there take off on any number of pleasant walks which, with little effort, will lead you to magnificent panoramas, such as Cima Pissola.


The "Altissimo Damiano Chiesa" hut, Vallagarina

To reach this mountain hut, at the top of Monte Altissimo in the Monte Baldo Natural Park, you’ll need to take a 90-minute walk along a trail that’s suitable for most climbers. Once you reach the summit, stop for a moment to soak up the magnificent view across Lake Garda before going indoors for a delicious meal of traditional Trentino dishes.


The “Malghette” hut, Campiglio

You can reach this mountain hut from Malga Zeledria, not far from Madonna di Campiglio, after an easy one and a half-hour walk. Once you reach your destination, at an elevation of 1,888 metres, you’ll find a small mountain lake surrounded by the forests of the Val Meledrio.


The "Capanna Cervino" hut, San Martino

This cabin offers one of the best panoramas in the Pale di San Martino Dolomites.
From the Capanna Cervino Mountain Hut you can easily reach the Segantini cabin, where the view that opens up before you will take your breath away. From here it’s possible to take a pleasant walk through the green Val Venegia, at the feet of Cimon della Pala.


The "Roda di Vael" hut, Val di Fassa

Located in the heart of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten group, in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Dolomites. You can reach the hut from many directions. One of the simpler routes includes a ride on the Ciampedie cable car followed by a walk of about 1h 30mins. During the summer this mountain hut organises numerous activities, such as the unmissable evenings spent observing the stars in the company of astronomers.

Published on 16/10/2019