In Trentino, learning is child’s play

Hands-on activities that turn into great learning experiences for the whole family

As school ends for the spring break, children can’t wait to pile up all their books in a corner and forget about learning for a while. But who said that learning is only for school days? Perhaps you can make new discoveries while having fun, like when you are on holiday. After all, every place you visit has a story to tell.

In Trentino, every castle and fortress reveals a piece of history through exciting treasure hunts; natural parks becomes open air nature observatories and farms turn into busy workshops where you can be a cheesemaker apprentice or a budding farmer for a day.

Discover with us 4 hands-on learning experiences to do in spring and learn something new also when you are on holiday.


History speaks at the castle

Ready to travel through history at War History Museum in Rovereto. Guided by the voice of historic characters, you will retrace the past through photographs and a collection of historic items, from mediaeval times to the First World War.


Nature park sleepover

Spend a night under a blanket of stars! At the Parco Naturale Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino, you are in for an exciting wilderness experience sleeping at the foot of the Dolomites, discovering wildlife and following the tasty trail of Strada dei formaggi delle Dolomiti.


New discoveries

Have you ever been to a museum where it’s forbidden NOT to touch? Here you can savour the experience of a climb on the Dolomites, a skiing descent or even trek through a tropical rain forest. Learn the secrets of nature by touching fossils and minerals at Muse, one of the most beautiful museums in Italy.


Educational Farm

A real down to earth experience! Join Nicoletta and her farm animals and discover life on the farm: from milking the cows and cheese making workshops to how to grow plants and make your own jam. A tasty bounty to bring home!

Published on 06/06/2023