Children activities in Trentino: let’s pretend we are…

Inspiring theme activities and great outdoor adventures for your family holiday

Children activities in Trentino: let’s pretend we are…
Children activities in Trentino: let’s pretend we are…
Children activities in Trentino: let’s pretend we are…

“Let’s pretend we are…”. We all know children love role-playing. It’s their way to live fantastic adventures in their own backyard. But, what if you could take them away to a place where they can let their imagination run free and try new exciting experiences? In Trentino, you will find a great range of children activities that will sparkle their creativity and encourage the whole family to spend a day in the mountains discovering traditional crafts and local stories.

This summer have an imagination-fuelled holiday and discover the fun way of learning something new. Together as a family, you can be a dairy keeper for a day. Or if you want to make the most of the great outdoors, why not go fishing on a mountain river? Or perhaps live a day on the farm in the company of friends with elongated ears!

… Farmers

Do you know you could become an official donkeys’ keeper? Learn how to take care of these friendly animals and earn the official “Donkey Care Taker” certificate. We’ll show you how here!

… Fishermen

Fishing makes for a great day outdoor, even better if shared with your children. Build lifetime memories as they cast their fishing line for the first time, in contact with the unspoiled nature.

… Dairy Keepers

An early rise, beautiful views of rolling pastures and plenty of fresh mountain air. Grab a bucket, roll up your sleeves and learn all the techniques and secrets of a dairy keeper.

…Pile Dwellers 

Have you ever slept on animal hides? Or used flint to make ancient tools? Thanks to the archaeology workshops of the Pile Dwellings Museum in Valle di Ledro, all this becomes possible!

After so many emotions, enjoy the pleasure of a soft bed ...

Published on 06/06/2023