Discovering Trentino on a racing bike

Experience exertion and freedom to the full on 5 unmissable journeys

For keen cyclists, the chance to hop on a bike and climb the valleys and passes of the Dolomites is often a dream come true, with echoes of the historic achievements made by major sporting champions.

It’s also a highly desirable and enjoyable experience for those who are less competitive or highly trained but nonetheless find pleasure in the constant, circular motion of the legs and the physical exertion of pedalling through the landscape in complete freedom, fully immersed in the countryside.

If you find your racing bike to be an engine for your ideas, the perfect blend of exertion and freedom, if you prefer a two-wheeled form of transport for exploring and discovering surprises high up in the mountains, and if you never fail to get excited about climbs fit for champions... then read on.

With its varied landforms, its skyline of jaw-dropping valleys and mountain passes, its rarely level landscape and its incomparable biodiversity, Trentino is a genuine haven for sports in general and for cycling in particular. Our mountains have witnessed history being made at the highest levels of cycling, often providing the backdrop to unforgettable races, and many champions — men and women — have been born and raised here.

We’ve picked out 5 must-try routes for you: selected by combining the essential elements for lovers of road cycling! They are all fairly challenging, but not excessively long, and we can guarantee you will see some unforgettable landscapes, whether you wish to travel alone or in a group. Each of these routes has been planned around one of Trentino’s legendary climbs or Salite da Mito, where you can re-live the joys of past triumphs and maybe even beat your personal record.

All you have to do now is choose your itinerary and start your warm-up.


In the heart of the Dolomites

If you want to cycle through the passes of the Dolomites where history has been made, this is the trail for you. The route, part of which will take you outside the province, requires a good level of physical fitness, particularly when tackling the climb, but your efforts will pay off with the views you will be able to take in during the ascent.


Among the vineyards and stone walls

The slopes of the Valle di Cembra are thick with grapevines grown on small plots of land on terraces supported by dry stone walls built by hand. The result is a truly unique landscape brought to life by the valiant efforts of farmers, just as valiant as the endeavours of the athletes who were born and raised here. Francesco Moser and Gilberto Simoni are both originally from Palù di Giovo, a village you will reach after tackling the legendary climb on this route.


Climbing in upper Val di Non

If you’re looking for a moderately difficult and interesting route, this could be the one for you. The road winds its way steeply up to the Mendola Pass, offering a fine challenge for cyclists climbing it, as well as intriguing views and angles which might just warrant a stop along the way to take a few photos. Previously a stage on the Giro d’Italia, it is ready and waiting for your challenge.


The majestic Brenta

Conquering the climb that leads to Madonna di Campiglio with only your legs and your wits is a priceless experience. When you catch your first glimpses of the Brenta Dolomites, once you’ve left the little hamlet of Sant’Antonio di Mavignola behind, the tiredness will seem to melt away and your heart will lighten despite your fatigue. This route is challenging in its length and its change of altitude, but will reward your efforts handsomely.


The Manghen Pass

The climb at the heart of this route, legendary for its gruelling nature, is not only famous for cycling achievements. It was entirely reconstructed following the enormous damage caused to it by Storm Adrian, which compromised it structurally. Thanks to some heroic efforts, the reconstruction was completed and inspected in time for its inclusion in the 2019 Giro d’Italia.

Published on 29/08/2023