If you’ve got the muscle, we’ve got the mountains

Sensational scenery, well-planned services and four big trail networks make Trentino a must-visit MTB destination.

It’s the spectacular cliffs and spires of Dolomite rock you’ll notice first. But look beyond the geology, and you’ll find Trentino has a lot more to offer mountain bikers than a memorable view.

Our region is home to 4 separate networks of mountain biking routes – Dolomiti di Brenta Bike, Dolomiti Lagorai Bike, Mountain & Garda Bike and 100km dei Forti. Together they add up to a staggering 1,800km of two-wheeled adventure, set amidst some of the most eye-wateringly beautiful scenery in Europe. Each is backed up by an impressive biking infrastructure, too. Check into one of our bike-friendly hotels, for example, and you’ll find mini-repair workshops, as well as secure overnight storage, bike wash facilities and vitamin enriched breakfasts designed especially for hungry two-wheelers.

Dolomiti Brenta Bike

Dominating the landscape and rendering most visitors speechless when first they see them, the Brenta Dolomites provide a magnificent backdrop to the two tours of Dolomiti Brenta Bike. The Expert circuit covers 171km and climbs through 7,700 lung-bursting vertical metres: for one kilometre the terrain is so tricky you’ll actually have to carry your bike. The Country route is a gentler 136km tour which uses buses and trains to sidestep the steepest climbs. 


Mountain & Garda Bike

The mountains above Lake Garda have long been popular with the MTB community, and are now incorporated into a network of trails known as Mountain & Garda Bike. At its heart is a challenging 200km circuit, which climbs through 10,000 vertical metres from the pastel hotels of Riva del Garda to the slopes of Monte Bondone, and back again. But it also includes several easier variants and side-tours.  


Dolomiti Lagorai Bike

Dolomiti Lagorai Bike is not a single circuit, but a biking region - encompassing five valleys, two Natural Parks, and 1,200km of trails. The sense of variety is mouthwatering. You can try ebiking in Valsugana and the Val di Fiemme, plunge down the freeride parks at San Martino di Castrozza and the Val di Fassa, or follow the six-day, 349km Grand Tour. Meanwhile, the rolling meadows and forests of the Piné plateau offer the perfect terrain for first time bikers.


100km dei Forti

The 100km dei Forti is an MTB trail through the gorgeous scenery of the Alpe Cimbra – which also explores the battlefields and fortresses of the First World War. Every year in June, it’s the scene of the “1,000 Grobbe Bike” race: but during the rest of the summer anyone can ride it. Lung-bursting climbs, and thrilling, free-wheeling descents are all part of the challenge: to which you can also add the jumps and features of the Bike Park Lavarone.

Published on 18/10/2021