Discover Trentino on a E-Bike

10 guidelines for guaranteed assistance

The rise of electric bikes has revolutionised the way we move around on the two-wheeler: while traditionally we had to rely on our legs, we can now access an extra source of power, a motor that constantly boosts the pedalling when needed.

E-bikes are not just shaping the future but are also breaking barriers and reconfiguring the approach to physical activity on many levels. The aim is clearly to make biking easier and more accessible to everyone so even the less proficient and fit can enjoy a ride. It’s easy to see how the introduction of e-powered bicycles is connected to a healthy, more dynamic and sustainable lifestyle. The growing sales figures of e-bikes in the big cities proves that this method of transport is preferred over cars and motorbikes.

Discover Trentino on a E-Bike

The application of this technology to more complex bikes, such as mountain bikes, has the potential to bring cycling, literately, even further: suddenly roads are open to everyone, more adventurous experiences – usually deemed the territory of the fittest – are now in everyone’s reach, and can be enjoyed together as a family, couple or group of friends.

The ups are multiple and the most evident is that we can make more use out of an e-bike than an ordinary pushbike. The mountains, for example, become a more accessible destination, to enjoy while exercising without strenuous effort.  

Discover Trentino on a E-Bike

While this activity is certainty easy to undertake, it is important to not underestimate the risks associated with riding an e-mtb and to not overreach our capabilities: e-mtb require a fundamental knowledge of their controls and a basic level of fitness.  

We advise new riders to take a gradual approach, perhaps to start with an introductory lesson or a guided tour to learn more about these machines, how to use them, the techniques and the terrain, a factor not to be underestimated.

To introduce you to this sport and ease you into the mood for an active holiday we have put together, in collaboration with SIEB- the first Italian e-bike school, a list of ten guidelines: find here the golden rules to follow before jumping on a e-mtb.  


Discover Trentino on a E-Bike

10 guidelines by Scuola Italiana eBike to make the most of battery-powered bikes

  • Safety above all: choose the right sized bike suitable for your height and weight. Learn how it works and make sure it is always in good working order.

  • Check brakes, tyres and battery pack. Always wear a helmet, correctly fasten, gloves – if possible - for better handle grip and appropriate shoes. Adjust the height of the saddle accordingly to maximise the balance. Remember: correct posture is synonymous with safety.

  • Carry supplies, such as water, sun cream, rain jacket and a change of clothes. Check the weather forecast before any excursion, especially for longer itineraries: in the mountains, the weather can turn rapidly.

  • Choose itineraries suitable for your level of fitness and preparation: learn about the route and the terrain to familiarise yourself with the gradients and challenging parts.

  • Also on e-mtb you need to pedal, don’t expect to ride with no effort involved: the motor assists as long as the battery is charged, therefore it’s highly recommended to check the battery status. Pedalling on an electric bike without the aid of the battery is seriously tough!

  • With an e-mtb you can easily climb very steep tracks that would otherwise be beyond your reach. Bear in mind that an uphill is a downhill on the way back and that requires a different set of skills. Be prepared.

  • Be mindful of your actual abilities. With e-mtb you can certainly attempt different tracks and terrains but, especially on downhills, uneven ground and steep gradients, the bike handling depends more on your ability to control rather than the help of a motor.

  • The way you ride affects the battery life. Simply put: the less you use it, the longer it lasts. Downhill or on flat you can almost reduce the usage of the battery power to zero, and if you keep a good pedalling flow (using the correct gear like on a normal pushbike) you can save some extra energy.

  • Don’t forget that you are sharing the path with other bikers and possibly trekkers: be careful and respectful.

  • Have fun!

Hop on MTB and discover the true Trentino

Hop on MTB and discover the true Trentino

Published on 06/06/2023