Welcome to the largest Bike Area in Italy

Bikeland, a true paradise for bike enthusiasts

Welcome to the largest Bike Area in Italy
Welcome to the largest Bike Area in Italy

Simply imagine pedalling along glaciers, by high mountain peaks and alpine lakes. Every kind of bike trail is available for any discipline you wish. Envision having complete bike-hiring services, ski lift facilities and a bike shuttle accessible at all times. Now open your eyes: you’re in Bikeland, in the largest bike area in Italy.

This area extends through the Brenta Dolomites UNESCO Heritage site, from the glaciers of the Adamello and Presanella Groups and right down to Lake Garda. Cross the 5 territories of Trentino: from PassoTonale and Pejo and the Val di Sole, from Madonna di Campiglio to Tione and ComanoTerme and as far as Riva del Garda. All you need is a great desire to have fun.


The area extends for over 80 kilometres, 40 cross-country and marathon tours, 1,000 kms for mountain bikes, 3 cycle paths, 3 adrenaline-filled bike parks, 13 enduro all-mountain trails and 13 downhill tracks...


Bikeland offers a shuttle service that can manage up to 60 bicycles and connects the main bike-orientated areas. Then there are 14 lift facilities which offer free transport for bikes and that, with a single Bike Pass, help bikers on the move and let them enjoy these Easy & Fastservices.


Bikeland offers over 50 Bike Hotels, equipped with all the specialised services required (bike wash, supervised parking, tool kits and workshops, assistance and rescue services), not to mention over 10 centres with qualified guides and Bike Schools, hiring services and specialized outlets.


Here is a special selection with the most interesting tracks of medium difficulty on forest roads and dirt roads.