Rough it up

Tired of the same old terrain? Try one of these top-quality trails instead

We’ve got everything from gentle, scenery-soaked circuits to root-bumping, rock-jumping, stomach-churning steeps.

Our mountains are home to an extraordinary variety of terrain. There are ancient forests, broad plateaux, flat-bottomed valleys, and enough plunging mountainsides to last a pedaling liftetime. So whether you like your mountain biking soft, or very, very scary, there’s the perfect trail waiting for you.

Below, we’ve picked out some of the best. There are trails here for every level of biker, and in every part of Trentino. Some are high-altitude, high-summer routes, but many can be tackled in spring and autumn, too. After all, this is the sunny side of the Alps: our season lasts a lot longer than it does in the north.

Published on 18/10/2021