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A Trentino-based experience for all

Trentino’s identity is animated by a strong commitment to voluntary work. Every day, many organizations take care of the territory and the resident and tourist community.

In Trentino you will meet people who, out of passion alone, take part in the management of large and small events, who organise sporting and cultural activities open to everyone, and who strive every day to make places and experiences accessible.  

While organising events and caring for events and places, volunteers do something beyond hosting: they keep communities active and territories alive, they nurture the local social, relational and cultural fabric.  

Thanks to their commitment, our valleys are inhabited and cared for, with much to offer in terms of landscape, services and initiatives, and with a positive impact on the well-being of those who live there every day. 

This is precisely the meaning of the ‘Gente Felice’ (Happy People) campaign, which features many volunteers from Trentino associations who are involved in projects and activities. It is a change of perspective that comes from the experiences and stories of many of them: volunteering is feeling good alongside other people, feeling useful, and sometimes giving back for the opportunities received with gratitude. 

It is thanks to the propensity to commit oneself to the territory and its people that Trento has been nominated European Volunteering Capital 2024. With its more than 660 associations and 5000 volunteers, the city well represents the attitude of our communities to take care of spaces, people and stories.  

There are many scheduled events and initiatives organised by volunteers, as well as projects designed to enhance the area and make it even more beautiful to live in. 

A group of people participate in the Quattro Ville in Fiore event, organised by the Tassullo Pro Loco. They cross a meadow bordering an expanse of flowering apple trees. A shy sun makes the meadow grass and the delicate pink petals glow.

Volunteering in Trentino: identity and roots

Volunteering in Trentino means soul, history and identity. 

Here, the cooperative movement has strong and deep roots. It stems from Don Lorenzo Guetti’s vision of solidarity. The priest, native to the Giudicarie Esteriori, founded ‘Famiglia Cooperativa’ (Cooperative Family) in 1890. A few years later, in 1895, the movement evolved into the Federazione Trentina delle Cooperative

Pro Loco associations also have a history that binds them deeply to the essence of this territory and its inhabitants. The first Pro Loco was founded in Pieve Tesino in 1881, and today the Federazione Trentina delle Pro Loco brings together over 200 organisations and about 20,000 volunteers. Every activity organised by Pro Loco associations is run with genuine care and passion, with people’s satisfaction as the primary goal. 

Moreover, what they achieve is a faithful expression of the identity of the places: with their initiatives they celebrate anniversaries that have meaning for the community, promote local products and enhance resources deemed interesting by those who live there and know them well.

The activities and projects carried out by these associations are many and varied. They can be small acts of care for the area that only people who love a place know how to carry out, such as the maintenance of the Meano community vegetable garden, or the fund-raising to restore the historic fountain in Villa Lagarina.  

There is no shortage of examples in the cultural field either, such as the management of the reception at Belasi Castle in Campodenno, or the ancient mills of Ronco Cainari, which the Ronco Pro Loco revives in an event in collaboration with the eco-museum, or the numerous small churches opened by the Pro Loco for their events. 

But the specialities are definitely traditions: from the oldest arboreal carnival in the Alps (Grauno), to the carnival of the lackeys in Romeno, from the patron saints’ festivals to the blessing of the animals in Sant’Antonio Mavignola, to the Vigiliane Festivals in Trento. The identity of Trentino and its traditions are handed down through the volunteers who, year after year, revive them with enthusiasm and joy. 

Asparagi bianchi appena raccolti, ancora sporchi di terra. Siamo nella frazione di Zambana, famosa proprio per la coltivazione di questo prezioso ortaggio.

Caring for the environment and people

In Trentino, in addition to small local associations, there are also large, structured organisations involving thousands of volunteers. 

For instance, the SAT (Società Alpinisti Tridentini) strives to protect the environment, promote mountaineering and support mountain people. Thanks to its 27,000 volunteer members, it maintains 5,500 km of trails and promotes cultural activities, mountaineering courses and initiatives involving schools of all levels.  

Trentino Voluntary Fire Brigade supports the work of the permanent fire brigade. There are more than 5,000 men and women who donate their time and commitment for everyone’s safety.  

Artigiani al lavoro durante la manifestazione Tutti #fuori, festa itinerante delle Pro Loco trentine. In primo piano, un uomo incide decorazioni su una pentola di rame. La luce calda del tramonto crea riflessi dorati su cose e persone.

Volunteering, of all and for all

Volunteering is a fundamental tool for opening up experiences and territories to everyone.  

For instance, through the volunteering work, sports also becomes accessible to people with disabilities, as is the case with SportAbili, an association that organises and proposes sports activities open to people with motor, sensory and intellectual disabilities, both in winter and in summer.  

In Trentino there are many opportunities for disabled people to engage in sports such as skiing, horse riding, or to participate in cultural events: thanks to volunteers, barriers are reduced and experiences become accessible.  

This open approach is aimed at everyone, residents and tourists alike. The volunteers’ commitment is for a place, its soul and whoever lives there, whether it is for a week or a lifetime. Sharing, love and respect for an area, caring for people: this is the essence of volunteering in Trentino. To us, this means caring, even about you. 

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Published on 17/06/2024