I Suoni delle Dolomiti

A Trentino-based experience for all

There is a place where music sounds like nowhere else. This place is the setting of the Trentino Dolomites, Highlands where rocks, spires and pastures touch the clouds, where sunsets light up everything with their golden reflections. 

This magic venue, where mountains, sky, music and humanity dialogue together, hosts the longest-running music festival at high altitude in Italy. The vibrations it creates are unrepeatable: they exist in the here and now. Music is experienced and conquered: to get to the concert venue, you have to walk, artists and audience together.  

No one gets at ‘I Suoni delle Dolomiti’ by chance. Being there is a choice, now open to even more people, to make music at high altitudes accessible and inclusive

In primo piano, di spalle, una ragazza indossa uno zaino subpac. Davanti a lei, sfocati nell’immagine, gli artisti si esibiscono creando quei suoni di cui lei sentirà le vibrazioni.

Music for everyone: accessible concerts

Once again this year, ‘I Suoni delle Dolomiti’ met the challenge of bringing people with motor disabilities to the high-altitude music festival venue, and making the concerts accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.  

This 2024 edition includes four events accessible to wheelchair users and people with sensory disabilities

Un uomo in quad bike si allontana dalla sede del concerto, probabilmente finito da poco. Una ragazza cammina al suo fianco, chiacchierando. Il cielo è grigio e l’aria dev’essere fresca. Il verde degli alberi sullo sfondo è scuro e intenso.

How to get to the concert 

These four concerts are accessible even if you move around in a wheelchair or have mobility difficulties. You can arrive by car nearby the event venue and travel the last stretch of road, which cannot be travelled by car, with Reemove’s support.  

Remoove will accompany you from the car park to the concert with the most suitable means of transport, such as wheelchair bikes. 


Inclusive sensory experience 

If you are a deaf or hard of hearing person, on those four dates you will be able to enjoy subpacs, technology backpacks that transmit low frequencies directly to your body via a tactile audio system. It will be an immersive sensory experience.  

For reservations and information, visit the page Music for everyone

In addition, on these accessible dates, at the concert venues you will find LIS interpreters who will help you in case you need information or support. 

Un ragazzo in sedia a rotelle ha appena raggiunto la sede del concerto e sta scendendo dalla wheelchair bike con cui ha percorso il sentiero che dal parcheggio porta alla location. Una persona del team Remoove lo aiuta e si assicura che tutto avvenga in sicurezza.

How to ensure an accessible experience 

These events, like all concerts scheduled for ‘I Suoni delle Dolomiti’, are free of charge and with no admission limits. However, if you have specific needs, you should get organized in good time and book the services or equipment that will make your presence complete.  

If you need support at the concert venue, or if you want to enjoy the subpac sensory experience, contact Remoove to make sure you get everything you need once there. 

We also advise you to discuss with the Remoove team the environmental conditions in which the concert will take place.  

You can contact Remoove by e-mail or telephone: 


Experiencing uniqueness together 

Each concert of ‘I Suoni delle Dolomiti’ is unique: the music combines with the swishing grass moved by the wind, echoes in the woods, dialogues with the mountain. 

The Highlands and their music await you. Get ready to feel their energy and be transformed by this experience. 


Trentino Open

Il Trentino è per tutti
Published on 17/06/2024