The wonderful journey. From Science to Philosophy

At Palazzo delle Albere in Trento

WINTER 2021-2022 – A journey through knowledge in the historic halls of Palazzo delle Albere of Trento, exploring the relationship between science and philosophy.

This is the main theme of the exhibition called “The wonderful journey. From Science to Philosophy”, born of an idea by Stefano Zecchi and curated by Beatrice Mosca, open to the public from 19 November 2021 to the 5 June 2022.

An immersive multimedia exhibition that will lead visitors with words, images, music, lights and evocative installations on an enthralling journey to explore themes through the centuries from classical myths to contemporary science.

A journey through Time where beauty and love return like an eternal invitation to reflect on the meaning of human life.



The wonderful journey. From Science to Philosophy
at Palazzo delle Albere in Trento
from 19 November 2021 to 5 June 2022


In Trento the exhibition “The wonderful journey. The wonderful journey. From science to philosophy "

An immersive and emotion-triggering exhibition

The idea of the exhibition stems from a question: how can one put philosophy on display? The answer is an exhibition that is immersive and emotion-triggering, that develops from one hall to the next and invites you to explore it with the same spirit with which you would read the chapters of a captivating book.

Words, images, music, lights, voices, evocative installations: the staging of a total performance thought and constructed in lightness and transparency through the use of settings, designed by the architect Silvio de Ponte, in harmony with the theatrical short film projected in the halls through which the exhibition develops its story.

Visitors are led by the script written by Beatrice Mosca on an idea by Stefano Zecchi in which the theme of the journey through human knowledge entwines with the meaning of love and beauty.

On the ground floor of Palazzo delle Albere there is also an in-depth learning area with touch screens and video monitors placed at the disposal of school groups and of visitors wishing to learn more about the themes presented in the exhibition.

In Trento the exhibition “The wonderful journey. The wonderful journey. From science to philosophy "

A voyage in 8 chapters

There are eight ‘chapters’ to this voyage … actually, seven chapters preceded by a ‘Proem’ that will help visitors enter the spirit of the exhibition.

The visitor’s path starts with Myth and Ulysses, one of the first men to go on a voyage in search of knowledge. Myth leads on to Logos, with Plato and Aristotle, the two great Greek philosophers. The voyage in Time then comes to Theology where the visitor is welcomed by a star-studded vault that lights up the night with Faith.

The path continues into the 15th century and Humanism. As in a dance, in this chapter Science, Philosophy and Poetry mingle and exchange steps. This chapter is followed by Modern Science with the entrance of Galileo Galilei, Descartes, Christina of Sweden and Isaac Newton.

The sixth chapter is dedicated to the Cosmos and to Contemporary Science, where we find the founding questions of our times in science and philosophy: the ideas expressed by Kant, Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger, as well as the imaginary dialogue between Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

The exhibition at Palazzo delle Albere ends with a final chapter dedicated to Space & Time. In this hall, a vortex of galaxies envelops the visitor as Friedrich Nietzsche’s words are heard: “All things eternally return, and ourselves with them, and we have already existed times without number, and all things with us”.

Are you ready to start on this thrilling voyage through knowledge?

See you in Trento!

Ready to start on your journey?

Ready to start on your journey?

Published on 06/06/2023