Three major exhibitions for a summertime splash of art

Raphael, Botticelli, Picasso, de Chirico, Dalí… all at Mart

The art of the great Raphael meets the works of Picasso, de Chirico and Dalí, the magic of Boldini and the beauty of Botticelli’s Venus, for an encounter that spans the centuries. After last autumn’s Caravaggio exhibition, the meaningful dialogue between classic and contemporary art continues at Rovereto’s Mart, with three events that will set hearts racing among art-lovers.

The first will take place on 30 April, with the opening of an exhibition entitled “Picasso, de Chirico and Dalí: a dialogue with Raphael”. Just a few weeks later, on 21 May, it will be time for the summer’s star attraction to open: “Botticelli. His time. And our time”; while the “Giovanni Boldini. Pleasure” exhibition will be extended, allowing visitors to enjoy it during the summer months too.

Three incredible exhibitions, all at Mart, all available to visit with a single entrance ticket. This is Mart’s gift to its treasured visitors, after an exceptionally trying period for all lovers of museums and exhibitions: the splash of art we’ve all been waiting for.


Picasso, de Chirico and Dalí: A dialogue with Raphael

Three undisputed masters of the twentieth century, different in their styles and careers, but all united by their love for the art of Raphael, a source of inspiration for all of their work. This is the theme of the exhibition “Picasso, de Chirico and Dalí: A dialogue with Raphael”, at Mart from May 2nd to August 29th 2021, which brings to life a visual dialogue not just between Raphael and the others, but also between these three artists themselves, offering many points for reflection.

The exhibition features over 70 works of art from the most important public and private collections at an international level and is divided into four sections, three of which are dedicated to the individual artists. On display will be such masterpieces as the Self-portrait by Raphael (1504-506), de Chirico’s Autunno (1935) and Picasso’s etchings from the Raphael and La Fornarina series.

Summer exhibitions: Botticelli, Boldini and Raphael at Mart

Botticelli. His time. And our time

Beauty, elegance, style: many artists have paid homage to the famous Venus by Botticelli over the centuries, from Warhol to Botero and from Guttuso to Awol Erizku. It’s a testament to the influence of the Florentine artist's masterpiece, which it continues to wield into the modern era.

The exhibition “Botticelli. His time. And our time”, at Mart from 21 May 2021, analyses the Florentine master's legacy through the centuries, starting with the Renaissance and one of his best-known masterpieces: the Venus held in Turin’s Galleria Sabauda.

The itinerary is divided into two sections: the first is a “classical” exhibition, with the life and work of Sandro Botticelli displayed in broad and far-reaching detail, starting from his relationships with his master Fra Filippo Lippi and other artists of his time. The second part of the show is dedicated to the modern era, to show how the work of this Renaissance master has become a source of inspiration for many artists of our own time.

Summer exhibitions: Botticelli, Boldini and Raphael at Mart

Giovanni Boldini. Pleasure

The graceful scent of French perfumes, the elegance of Parisian salons, the inspiration of a great Italian artist: Boldini’s works richly depict the romantic dreamworld of the Belle Époque. They take on a new life in the exhibition “Giovanni Boldini. Pleasure”, at Mart until 29 August 2021.

The exhibition, which began life as an idea by Vittorio Sgarbi and is curated by Beatrice Avanzi and Tiziano Panconi, looks back at the career of the celebrated painter from Ferrara through the lens of 170 works of art from public and private collections, with a particular focus on his relationship with the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.

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Published on 27/11/2021