The castles are brimming with life!

Events and exhibitions in the castles of Trentino

AUTUMN 2023 - Towers, battlements, portals and arrow slits: did you know Trentino is home to around 300 castles? Today, some are still majestic residences, including Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento, Castel Thun and Castel Valer in the Non Valley, and Castel Caldes in the Sole Valley. Others now lay in ruins. However, all recount the history of this borderland and its strategic position between the Mediterranean and the Alps. A precious land to be protected.

And while the large halls and courtyards were once brimming with life, filled with patrolling soldiers or rousing councils of war, today these same places are alive once again, as they play host to exhibitions, events, and initiatives for kids. 

Below, is a brief summary of the most interesting events and initiatives taking place over the coming months.


I volti della Sapienza at Buonconsiglio

At the Castello del Buonconsiglio, in Trento, from 1 July to 22 October, you can admire “I volti della sapienza. Dosso e Battista nella Biblioteca di Bernardo Cles”, an exhibition of over 100 works inspired by 12 recently restored magnificent wooden panels, which have as their subject wise men, philosophers and sages of the past.


Puzzles and mysteries in Castel Coredo

Ready to solve the puzzles set throughout Castel Coredo’s Palazzo Nero in the Non Valley? The event is called “Intrigo a Castel Coredo di sera”: a narrated tour which includes puzzles for you to solve regarding the most mysterious happenings that have occurred in this ancient castle.


The Bezzi exhibition in Castel Caldes

As always, Castel Caldes in Val di Sole (Sole Valley), is a major reference point for art lovers. And from 16 June to 5 November 2023 the castle will be hosting an exhibition of the work of the Trentino artist Bartolomeo Bezzi to mark the centenary of his birth.


Modern art at Belasi Castle

Belasi Castle in Val di Non is hosting the exhibition entitled “Come pioggia” (Like Rain). Fifteen or so works of contemporary art including video, sculpture and installations, by Italian and international artists, long-standing names as well as new faces, will lead us to reflect seriously on our water resource in this era of climate change. 


Caccia all’indizio in Castel Valer

Valer Castle, in Val di Non, has plenty to offer for kids. Every Sunday, with a map in hand and a guide at their side, our youngest visitors can explore the castle rooms in search of clues that will earn them the titles of count or countess!


One night in Castel Pergine

Treat yourself to a night in a castle this summer. Today, the walls of Castel Pergine, in Valsugana, house a hotel and elegant restaurant where you can enjoy gourmet food prepared with a creative twist. Just be careful on nights when there’s a full moon, as you might just run into the ghost of the white lady wandering the halls.

Published on 11/10/2023