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Amazing experiences to try this spring

From paragliding to climbing, through bouldering to paintball

Drift among the clouds on a paraglide after reaching the peak of the mountain, climb spectacular rock walls or dare your friends to join in a paintball fight: when is the last time you did something for the first time? If your answer is “a long time ago”, then it’s time to raise your game and try something new, have an amazing experience.

We have collected our favourite experiences, so you can make the most of spring in Trentino, from majestic mountains and rock titans to vertigo-inducing bridges and glorious forests. All you need is some basic training, a bit of self-confidence but most of all the willpower to test yourself!


Climbing the “Falesia Dimenticata"

Looking over the gorge of river Sarca and standing proud in a bare sunkissed land at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, the “Falesia Dimenticata” - the forgotten cliff - was only few years ago a legendary story told by the old generation climbers. But this story has a happy ending: it has been revived thanks to a crowdfunding initiative instigated by Dolomiti Open.


Hike & Fly

Picture yourself walking at dawn on the paths of the Brenta Dolomites and, once you reached the top, flying down on a paraglide as a shaft of light starts piercing through the morning mist. With a stunning scenery and a vertical drop of more than 1100m. Hyke & Fly on the Paganella is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you must try for yourself.


River trekking 

You certainly got your adrenaline fix with paragliding. The next activity is perhaps more relaxing. Accompanied by the expert guides of Parco Fluviale Novella, join an 800m long trek on suspended metal footbridges in the heart of the Rio Novella gorge. An exciting walkway anchored to steep rock walls, suspended in mid-air winding its way through tight passages.


Skimo in Trentino

If you love ski mountaineering, Trentino is your place, also in Spring.
There are many routes to choose from to satisfy your taste for this sport that combines the pleasure of the climb with the thrill of the descent.
Find out the best itineraries in our article!



Two teams, one neutral ground to conquer and one paintball gun loaded with colourful “ammunitions”! Don’t worry, it’s a safe activity that requires the use of padded armours and helmets. So, can you “survive” the sneaky ambushes and seize the victory before the other team beats you to it?  Take the challenge!



Calling all fans of bouldering, a word for rock climbing in its raw form. With more than 600 well-maintained boulders scattered across the leafy valley, Val Daone Boulder is a proper outdoor gym. Paths are clearly signposted and circuits are organized in levels of difficulty so anyone can give it a go, hard core climbers and those new to this sport.  

Adventure and Adrenaline in the Italian Alps

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Published on 23/02/2021