4 Top Locations for Ski mountaineering in Spring

In Trentino, you can enjoy sliding on backcountry powder also in May 

4 Top Locations for Ski mountaineering in Spring
4 Top Locations for Ski mountaineering in Spring
4 Top Locations for Ski mountaineering in Spring

You are well prepared and everything is ready: skis, skins, and backpack with all the essential gear. It’s early morning and you feel the anticipation. You are heading for an alpine adventure in Trentino’s backcountry. You go off the beaten track through the woods and as the trees thin away, a vast white valley surrounded by majestic mountains opens out before you. Towering above it: your journey’s end. When at the top, you just need to lose the skins and slide freely downhill, untracked, on pristine powder.

It’s a perfect day out in the wild. Spring is one of the best periods to try ski mountaineering. The weather is more reliable, the snow has settled and you’re blessed with more daylight so you can make the most of longer-radius excursions with better visibility conditions.  

When you go ski mountaineering, there are some important T&Cs to remember: always check the weather forecast and carry the avalanche essentials such as shovel, beacon and probe. For first timers, it is highly recommended the lead of an expert: Trentino’s Alpine Guides.

Here are 4 excellent backcountry locations for your spring ski mountaineering excursion. The choice is yours, perhaps try them all!


Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa boasts a variety of off-piste routes, away from the established ski resorts, deep into the backcountry, across tree lines, valleys and majestic peaks right in the heart of the Dolomites. Discover many beautiful corners and unexpected mountain’s jewels. Here is one of our favourite. 

Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio is an all-time favourite amongst alpine skiers. There are many routes to try that combine the pleasure of the climb and the thrill of the descent. For your next spring outing on skis we recommend the route of Cima Roma, a classic of the Brenta range.      

Val di Sole

If you prefer the quiet wilderness of the mountains to the traditional signposted routes, Val di Sole is an authentic and wild arena to practice ski mountaineering. Browse this inspiring selection of itineraries to try this Spring. 

San Martino di Castrozza

At the heart of the Pale di San Martino, there’s a wilder dimension where alpine skiers can hunt for remote areas unreachable by resort-based skiers. Ski mountaineering allows you to access a blank canvas, immersed in the peaceful atmosphere of a pristine mountain landscape. 

Published on 06/06/2023