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Nordic Walking Stelvio Park Pejo

Stelvio National Park includes a network of paths for Nordic Walking. The park is the largest historical park in Italy and the largest park in the Alpine area. It is characterised by valleys which have been shaped by the action of the glaciers and the waters running down the Ortles-Cevedale massif. The landscape is multifarious and features great differences in altitudes. These characteristics favour large ecosystems inhabited by rare species of animals and plants. Tracks stretch through the entire park and are divided according to grading difficulty and environmental types. Tracks are further subdivided into 10 routes, that is, 4 blue tracks: Cervo - 3 km, Camoscio - 3.40 km, Marmotta - 4 km, Ermellino - 5.40 km; 2 red tracks: Civetta - 7.60 km, Aquila - 7.70 km; 4 black tracks: Cedrone -10 km, Scoiattolo - 8.30 km, Gipeto - 6.70 km, Capriolo - 12.40 km.