Who is Trentino Marketing?

Trentino Marketing is the Official Tourist Board for the Trentino region. It is mainly involved in marketing and PR activities, helping offer and demand meet, at both a B2C and B2B level. Its main focus is on building specific public interest in Trentino through the implementation and promotion of initiatives and projects aimed at developing tourism in the area.
In this context it takes on the delicate role of both managing and mediating the energy and resources of tourist operators and other actors in Trentino with the aim of making their actions more effective.

Trentino Marketing is a company created by the autonomous Province of Trento in 2003 in a bid to foster a more sustainable development of the Trentino area.

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What is our mission?

We are active on a number of channels with the aim of bringing the wonders of Trentino to an ever-growing global audience and spark their interest in this unique land.

Promoting this “land of the butterflies” means, first and foremost, knowing how to grasp the challenges of a transforming market and cultivating the ambition to improve the reputation and image of Trentino, its ability to welcome and accommodate people from all over the world. It also means monitoring economic performance in the tourist sector, reinforcing the Trentino Brand and conveying these values in order to promote its popularity in the world.
To achieve these objectives, innovative products and services are extremely important. Examples include the multimedia ICT platform and the analysis and research linked to the international dynamics of the tourist industry, the results of which are then transmitted to local operators, helping to complete a virtuous circle and a synergy of action.

Who is Visittrentino?

Visittrentino.info is the official website of the Trentino Tourist Board and the digital brand of the territory on it digital consumer channels. The visittrentino.info website is the place to go for all the information you might need concerning your stay in Trentino along with some useful tips and recommendations for your holiday here. From sightseeing to country festivals, from accommodation to international events, you’ll find everything you need as well as some useful real-time services such as live webcam feeds, snow reports and 3D maps of ski resorts. What’s more, the new website has been updated with a range of digital services which will keep you informed while you’re on the move and help improve your holiday experience.

In addition to being an important information point, Visittrentino.info is also a B2C marketplace where the offer, managed directly by the single accommodation facilities, can be booked directly online through the booking platform made available by tourism promotion companies.
Trentino has adopted the Deskline / Feratel booking system. Please contact us if you would like to check integration possibilities with your portal or evaluate direct booking options.

How can Trentino Marketing help you?

At a B2B level, and free of charge, we can support and advise you on the following topics:

  • Figuring out which of our wide range of holidays and products better suit you and your customers’ needs, helping you improve sales;
  • When creating a new product, we can put you in contact with the right suppliers, the right products and the best quality our territory can offer. Need help creating or promoting a product here?
    Just contact our International Travel Trade Team!
  • If you need to contact one or more of the local Tourist Offices directly. These offices manage, at a local level, bookings and negotiations between Tour Operators and local structures and service providers. Here you can find a complete list of local Tourist Offices in Trentino
  • If you need new and original images or videos for your catalogues and websites or simply need some information or content for any of your channels.
  • Keeping updated with local news and events. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter

What are Trentino target groups?

Trentino is the ideal destination for a wide number of outdoor activities, in winter, summer and throughout the year. Its varied landscapes (from the charming shoreline of Lake Garda and other enchanting lakes, right up to the jagged peaks of the Dolomites at over 3,000 m a.s.l.) make Trentino one great open-air park… with an added Italian flavour. Culture or food and wine aficionados will no doubt enjoy visiting Trentino and its wide selection of proposals.

Trentino can boast several locations officially listed amongst the “most beautiful hamlets in Italy”. These are special places that ooze tradition. These are the ideal spots for a romantic getaway, taking your time and finding pleasure in the little things. There are also five themed itineraries, designed to help visitors discover Trentino through its museums, castles, wartime forts and ancient mills. Five different routes, to embark upon with the spirit of an explorer and a child’s boundless curiosity.

Furthermore, vast swathes of beech forest let visitors try out the latest detox trend of ‘forest bathing’, whereas a number of charming spas offer moments of relaxation with local herbs, sensory showers and thermal experiences. We support those TOs that deal with nature and open-air enthusiasts, offering a variety of holiday proposals, from very active to very relaxing and bon vivant. We guarantee that together we’ll find the combination that best suits your needs.

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How is Trentino marketed?

We maintain, and create, relations with trade partners in a number of ways:

  • Visiting markets of interest and participating in live and virtual trade fairs and workshops;
  • Organizing virtual events or workshops in foreign countries and focused on Trentino products, especially in our core and scouting markets;
  • Creating special webinars aimed at the chief travel agency networks in our core markets with the aim of also making Trentino products known to a target that had not considered us as a holiday destination until now;
  • Organizing specific and tailor-made fam-trips in our region: it is a great pleasure for us to meet up and keep relations with our trade partners who are involved in selling Trentino holiday products across Europe and beyond;
  • Sending regular newsletters to keep our partners constantly updated on everything that’s happening in Trentino, and informing them on the latest trends, products and news. To subscribe please click here
  • Inviting partners to take part in Good Buy Trentino. This two-day event takes place once a year at the beginning of the summer or winter seasons. The rich programme grants buyers access to a dense network of suppliers from across Trentino and allows them to discover different locations and products every time.  The programme usually runs as follows: during the first day, there are workshops and network development initiatives with suppliers from all over Trentino; the second day focuses on educational activities depending on location and season. It’s also possible to visit the locations and facilities.
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