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Trattoria al Tino

A renowned eatery in the city, for almost half a century

Trattoria al Tino
Trattoria al Tino

The restaurant ...
Al Tino has two rooms, one which seats thirty-five and another which seats about a dozen guests. The restaurant has been a renowned eatery in the city for almost half a century. Furthermore, it is sober and well-lit and enjoys an enviable position in the heart of Trento, making it a top attraction for both tourists and locals alike. During the summer, the garden provides a cool place where fifteen guests can sit and enjoy their meals.
The restaurateur...
The restaurant was named after the large vat that dominated the barrels stored in its cellars. Elio Tonetta has been managing this renowned eatery for eleven years. Apparently, he does so with great skill, at least according to an array of magazines and guides from the sector, as well as to the enthusiasm of his customers - some of whom come here from outside the region - who always seem more than pleased to stop by and enjoy a meal. If nothing else, Mr Tonetta's motto is clear: "the important thing is that people have a good meal!"