Maso Spiazzi

The farm produces vegetables and wine in the green Gresta Valley.

Maso Spiazzi #1
Maso Spiazzi #1

The farm, which produces vegetables and wine, is located in Valle San Felice, Mori's territory, in the green Gresta Valley: your holiday will be highlighted by the kindness and friendliness of the owners, who offer tasty local dishes like "polenta and rabbit" or "polenta and snails", accompanied by the renowned Gresta vegetables and the house wines.

Weather Rovereto

Max Temp. (C): 34°
Temp. Min. (C): 19°
Jul 17
Max Temp. (C): 35°
Temp. Min. (C): 16°
Jul 18
Max Temp. (C): 35°
Temp. Min. (C): 18°
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