The history of Cimego is reflected in its furnishings.

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The restaurant ...
The restaurant can cater for over two hundred guests between its ample main room and its two smaller rooms. The main room has been specifically furnished by the owners to reflect the history of Cimego. In fact, it features elegant Tyrolean decorations in wood with Venetian-style details. The two smaller rooms instead can be found nestled under the large vaults of the ceiling. The restaurant serves traditional, homemade local specialties. These include game, although the restaurant's main focus remains on local foods and delicacies. As such, it uses malga butter and cheeses as well as vegetables grown in gardens in the valley. Furthermore, the restaurant has a well-stocked and finely selected wine menu containing top local and Italian wines.
The restaurateur...
Graziano Tamburini is the owner of the restaurant and has inherited it from his parents. Together with his wife, Orietta, and his sister, Marilena, he has been running Hotel Aurora for over twenty years. In fact, it was his parents who renovated this old country home in 1961 in order to create the highly diversified building you see today.



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Loc. Casina dei Pomi, 139
38082 Cimego , Italy

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