I Suoni delle Dolomiti

The music festival in the most beautiful mountains of the world

Majestic witnesses of millenary eras, the Dolomites have a charm that enchants and amazes. I Suoni delle Dolomiti was conceived with the goal of capturing and conveying the spirit of the mountains and of paying homage to the wonder the Dolomites can offer. It has been a 29-year journey, whose soul is well described and outlined in the words of the new Manifesto..

I Suoni delle Dolomiti are unique and irreproducible: a common journey among artists and the public in the scenic space of the High Lands, a dialogue between music and nature. In the suspended time of dawn, and that of the efforts required to climb, notes and words are the added value to the sounds of nature.

Val di Fassa - Passo San Pellegrino - Col Margherita

The program

17 concerts e 1 trekking experience in the Dolomites



Enthralling talks by the masterminds from the museum

I Suoni delle Dolomiti


A quick guide to the festival

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