Panoramic Walk from Sanzeno to the St Romedius Shrine

A highly suggestive walk for all revealing highly suggestive, breath-taking vistas.

Panoramic Walk from Sanzeno to the St Romedius Shrine


The most interesting way to reach the St Romedius Shrine is most certainly along the path carved out of the rock built along the course of a nineteenth-century irrigation channel.

The route starts out along a wooden walkway opposite the Rhaetian Museum, just north of the little town of Sanzeno, where car parking is available. The path runs partly alongside apple orchards before penetrating into the rock face following the course of the old irrigation channel.
The walk is partly carved out of the rock face and partly along wooden walkways. It is 2.5 km in length, completely safe and suitable for all ages and abilities. Some of the views from this "tunnel" which opens up in the side of the sheer rock face are truly breath-taking and give a sense of actually being part of the rock.

The path ends near the 8th station of the beautiful marble Via Crucis which leads from Sanzeno to the Shrine; from here it continues briefly along a surfaced road as far as the cobbled path, which leads up to the St Romedius Shrine.

Walking time: 45 minutes from the Rhaetian Museum in Sanzeno to the Shrine
Difficulty: An easy walk on the flat, suitable for all ages, which wends its way through a spectacular natural environment to the Shrine and its aura of peaceful mystery.

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