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Centro Visitatori Rabbi

Rabbi Visitors' Centre is the point of departure of all the trails to discover Stelvio National Park.

Parco_dello_Stelvio_Foto_Tiziano_Salamone | © Parco_dello_Stelvio_Foto_Tiziano_Salamone

A virtual trek through Stelvio National Park allows visitors to admire up close stuffed chamois, deer, roe deer and squirrels, while enjoying an info-educational itinerary. The central section of the exhibition area at the Rabbi Visitors' Centre houses the reproduction of an 18th century Venetian saw mill, located on the banks of stream Rabbies, while a rich array of photographs and panels illustrate the protected flora, mushrooms and eagles of the park. The centre acts as an actual gateway to the Park; it is the point of departure for all the hikes to discover the Park's natural beauty, even in winter, on snow-shoes. Tours are organized by the Alpine Guides of the Val di Sole Mountaineering School.
Deer, chamois, roe deer, ermine, marmot, capercaillie and eagle, are just some of the numerous protected animal species that can be spotted - if lucky - along the mountain trails of this park.
To illustrate and celebrate the age-old trades of Val di Rabbi, the Centre organizes guided tours to the perfectly functional Venetian saw mill and to the recently refurbished Somrabbi dairy, which displays the equipment used to process milk in the past.