The high Passo Presena, located south of the Passo del Tonale, separates the Presanella from the Adamello groups

Adamello-Presanella  #1
Adamello-Presanella #1
Adamello-Presanella  #2
Adamello-Presanella #2

Therefore, to the north, the boundary is the Val di Sole, precisely, the section between Passo del Tonale and Dimaro. From this village the eastern boundary is marked by the road ascending the Val Meledrio, up to the Passo Carlo Magno, and then along the Val di Campiglio and descending to Carisolo, where the Val Rendena begins. Here, towards the west, begins the southern slope, which ascends the Val di Genova up to the Rifugio Bedole, where there at trails leading up to the Rifugio Mandron and the Passo Presena, a very mountainous sector where the boundary of this range ends, less clearly, and where the highest peak may be found, although it is entirely located in the territory of the province of Trento. The western boundary runs from the Passo del Tonale to the Rifugio Mandron, and includes the Paradiso and Presena Passes. The range is dominated by the Presanella peak, 3556 m above sea level, with the glacier bearing the same name. Geologically it consists of intrusive volcanic rocks (quartziferous diorite, called tonalite).

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