Three days in the Vallagarina with @voyagefox_

Tips for a summer holiday among the flowers, castles and museums

  • 3 days
  • April, May, June, July, August, September, October
  • Trekking and Hiking, Nature and Wellness, Art and Culture

Do you know the Vallagarina? It’s the gateway to Trentino for those coming from Verona and the south. The valley is famous for its castles, its vineyards that make Marzemino wine, and the vivid natural flower displays in Mount Baldo Local Nature Park.

Joining us to discover it, Nathalie Aron @voyagefox_ is a travel blogger and content creator from Germany with over 400,000 followers. Ever sensitive to details and colours, Nathalie shares her travels with elegant images that inspire her community to follow her to the most beautiful places on earth.

This time, Nathalie has explored the Vallagarina – from Avio and Rovereto castles to the natural delights of Mount Baldo and the Rio Cavallo valley. Come with her on this special 3-day tour!


Where is the Vallagarina?

The Vallagarina is the lower part of the River Adige valley. It’s in southern Trentino, more or less in the middle, on the border with the Veneto region.

How do I get there?

The perfect base for exploring the Vallagarina is the town of Rovereto, which is well-connected by train. If you’re flying in, Rovereto is about an hour’s drive from Verona airport. Bergamo, Venice and Milan airports are a little further afield.

What’s the best time to see the Vallagarina?

Our tip would be to come in the spring or early summer, to see the spectacular flowers at their best. Autumn, though, is the time if you like good wine and culture. There are exhibitions and castles to visit plus the food festivals or sagre celebrating Marzemino wine.


How long does it take to see the Vallagarina?

We’d say 3 days. Then you can combine nature walks with tasting the local flavours and discovering the museums, citadels and other places of cultural interest.

A visit to the Mart, the Modern- and Contemporary-Art Museum in Rovereto

The Mart is one of Italy’s largest museums of its kind. Before you breeze in through the revolving doors, pause in the piazzetta and look up at the dome by starchitect Mario Botta. Did you know it’s as big as the Pantheon’s in Rome?

You need about two hours to visit the Mart. Besides its impressive permanent collection (with works by Hayez, de Chirico and Boccioni), the museum also hosts international exhibitions.


Loved the unique architecture of the Modern Art Museum in Rovereto. (Nathalie Aron)


A visit to Rovereto Castle

Housed here, the Italian War Museum boasts a rich collection of uniforms, weapons, documents and artefacts. Walk around and see how the world of combat changed from the 16th century to World War


Part 2: Avio Castle

Things to see

Avio castle is a half-hour drive south of Rovereto, towards Verona. Run by the Italian environmental fund (FAI), it’s one of Trentino’s oldest and most original strongholds. There’s also a range of family activities and interesting things to do.

The 14th-century frescoes in the Guard Room are a must-see, as is the “Room of love” inside the keep, with frescoes celebrating courtly love. Before heading back to Rovereto, climb the tower and enjoy the panorama over the Vallagarina, carved by the River Adige.


The Castello di Avio is such a hidden gem in Trentino! Loved the fairytale vibes - especially during sunset. (Nathalie Aron)


Part 3: A walk in Mount Baldo Local Nature Park

Things to see

This is one of the loveliest places in Trentino for admiring the flowers. Strolling along the paths, especially in May and June, you can marvel at the meadows in bloom. There are lilies, globeflowers, glacier buttercups, gentian, orchids, peonies and silvery cranesbill – a kaleidoscope of colour and rare plants that grow here in the wild.

There are so many walks you could do, but here are two of the best:

  • From San Giacomo to Malga Mortigola: an easy circular route, and you can stop at the farmstead for lunch (find out the opening dates/times first before you go)
  • From San Giacomo to Bocca del Creer: a longer route (3½ hours) starting from San Giacomo again


Hiking is my favorite thing to do in Trentino! The views are outstanding. (Nathalie Aron)


Part 4: Wine tasting at the San Leonardo Estate


Besides the castles and floral meadows, the Vallagarina is also famed for its ruby-red Marzemino, one of Trentino’s finest wines. So your trip wouldn’t be complete without a winery visit. There are lots that offer tasting experiences and guided tours – like Tenuta San Leonardo.

Immersed in a garden of vines and roses under the mountains’ protective gaze, the estate used to be a monastery over 1,000 years ago. For over three centuries now, it has been home to its passionate custodians, the Marquises Guerrieri Gonzaga. In 2018, the company became a “biodiversity friend” certified by the BWA Friends of Biodiversity association.


A wine tasting and tour at the Tenuta San Leonardo is a must! Such a beautiful property with excellent wine! (Nathalie Aron)


Part 5: The Rio Cavallo Valley and Zambel Falls


Here’s another short nature ramble for you: this time along the banks of the Rio Cavallo. Literally, it’s called the “River Horse” (or the Rosspach in the local Cimbro tongue). You know why the river has such a funny name? Because its lively waters jump and buck like a young colt in the spring.

This is one of the easiest and prettiest two-hour walks you could wish for. It starts from the village of Besenello with its imposing mediaeval castle and flanks the river up to the gorgeous Zambel falls.


This waterfall has been such a beautiful surprise! If is especially nice on a hot summer day! (Nathalie Aron)



Part 6: Excursion to Lake Cei

Things to see

A short hop from Rovereto, Lake Cei is famous for its flowers – especially the lovely water lilies and rare blue iris. A footpath embarks from the lakeside to Cimana farmstead, where you can break for lunch. The 2½-hour round trip is quite do-able if you’re reasonably fit.


The perfect spot for a picnic - so romantic! (Nathalie Aron)