Mediterranean Trentino and its olive groves

Century-old olive groves, ancient villages full of history, typical Trentino products: discover Garda Trentino!

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Garda Trentino, where the Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda meets the cooler temperatures of the mountain, is a treasure awaiting to be discovered.

Within a range of just 15 km, you can not only visit the historic towns of Riva del Garda or Arco, the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, ancient fortresses and castles, or enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Here you can walk through centenarian olive groves and savour fine wines and the extra virgin olive oil DOP produced farthest north in the world, excellent to season many dishes of the local tradition, like the carne salada (salted meat).


Where the Ora wind of Garda blows

On your way down from Nago, we recommend a stop at the lookout near the Marmitte dei Giganti, an example of glacial wells of the Quaternary era, to admire the beauty of the landscape and feel the Ora, the classic wind coming from the South that starts to blow after 1 o'clock.
The town of Torbole below is known, apart from the practice of sailing and windsurfing, for its broccoli, unique in the world and a Slow Food praesidium. And how can one resist trying the many varieties of lake fish?
In Riva del Garda, worthy of note are Monte Brione, a protected biotope with a flora of more than 500 species, famous for its Austro-Hungarian forts, numerous fossils and beautiful olive groves, and the Strada della Ponale, a road that offers a breath-taking view of Lake Garda.
Discover Agraria Riva del Garda, a manufacturer of selected wines and oils and its renewed "Corte del Tipico", where you can buy typical local products (

Other manufacturers:

Madonna delle Vittorie
Molino Pellegrini


Discovering the olive groves


Arco, once a holiday and leisure resort of the Central European nobility, today is famous around the world for being home to the Rock Master Festival, which attracts thousands of climbers, and for the production of extra virgin olive oil (also certified DOP) and several high quality DOC wines.

The town is home to the Accademia dell'Olivo e dell'Olio dell'Alto Garda Trentino (Academy of the Olive Tree and Oil of Upper Garda Trentino) and the municipality is part of the Associazione Nazionale Città dell'Olio (National Oil Cities Association).

If you are looking for a special experience, we suggest a walk in the olive grove above the old town, near the castle of Arco; then, continue to the Parco Arciducale, with its tree species from different continents that grow here thanks to the mild climate, and finally stop at Olio Cru for a tasting of oil.


Other manufacturers:

Agriturismo Tenuta Maso Botes
Cantina Mezzacorona (sede di Arco)
Torrefazione Omkafè 

The area between Arco, Tenno and Varone (where you will find a charming waterfall) is known for its carne salada, salted and flavoured beef tenderloin, excellent raw or cooked.

Between the gentle slopes kissed by the sun, scattered with olive groves and vineyards, you can also enjoy a special Trentino Balsamic vinegar and climbing up, a number of mountain products, such as the marroni chestnuts (famous are those of Campi and Pranzo).

If you want to take a walk, we suggest you visit the charming medieval village of Canale di Tenno (which is listed among the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy) and go for a nice stroll on a discovery of Lake Tenno, famous for its emerald waters.

Climbing the River Sarca, the main tributary of Lake Garda, is a journey on the discovery of the River Park of the same name that encloses as many as eighteen protected areas.

Here the vines, dominated by the Castello di Drena, alternate with the DOP plums of Dro, while the wineries offer a wide variety of spirits and the unique Vino Santo, recently classified as a Slow Food praesidium.

In the vicinity of the 46th parallel, where we find the northernmost olive trees in the world with regular production, the Marocche Habitat offers walks in a landscape that almost lunar, where some footprints left by dinosaurs are visible. Also notable are: the canyon formed by Rio Sallagoni and Lake Toblino!