Look at the star

Spend a night in an alpine hut, to live in full harmony with nature and experience unique sensations.

Let's go out to see the stars!


Spending a night in a bivouac immediately leads to the truest and most direct contact with the spirit of the mountain. Like the first pioneers, like the mountain people, for one night you too can live in complete harmony with Nature, experiencing unique sensations. Imagine climbing slowly along the first path to access the Brenta Dolomites with a mountain guide to show you the way and everything you need for dinner and spending the night in your backpack.


Along the way you will pass through the woods, cross pastures, ford streams and arrive at a clearing at the foot of the Dolomites, which will gradually light up in the glow of the sunset. The bivouac is there waiting for you, rustic, but at the same time comfortable.


It is time to get ready for the evening: dinner is prepared with friends, stories are told, the sky is studded with stars. The next morning, after having breakfast while admiring the nature that awakens in the light of dawn, we set out on the journey home.