Thermal water is essential for your skin

The skin benefits that come from a mountain getaway

The mountains are the epitome of well-being. Spending a holiday up on the mountains, immersed in their extraordinary, untouched natural scenery, is one of the most wonderful things we can do for our bodies and minds after a stressful year. There are no side effects, or age limits.

The climate, the purity of the air, combined with some healthy exercise in nature, are all elements that have a positive effect on our skin.

Thanks to the mild temperatures you can enjoy in the mountains, walking or cycling in the sun, or doing other sports, will actually allow you to get more sun exposure and spend more time getting some rays to boost your production of vitamin D, which is essential when it comes to absorbing calcium and phosphorus.

Thermal Waters and their benefits

Thermal springs

In addition to all these advantages of a mountain holiday, in Trentino you can enjoy the benefits of the waters from our thermal springs.

The Thermal Baths of Levico and Vetriolo, Casa Raphael in Roncegno, the Thermal Baths of Pejo and Rabbi in Val di Sole, Comano Thermal Baths, Rendena Thermal Baths, Dolomia Thermal Bats in Val di Fassa and the Thermal Baths of Garniga on Monte Bondone all hold precious remedies. The benefits bestowed by their waters have been renowned for centuries and are based on sound science.

The water from the thermal baths is truly special both in terms of the concentration and type of minerals that are contained within it. This mix makes Trentino’s thermal water fundamental for the well-being of the skin.

Terme di Comano - L’acqua amica della pelle di grandi e piccoli

The mountain natural environment 

In addition to the benefits of the water, which are absorbed through treatments or the cosmetic products that have been carefully prepared at the various spas in the area, the natural setting that is home to the thermal baths cannot be overlooked.

This is a natural environment that improves mental and physical well-being because it helps you to take in the energy of the surrounding woods, meadows and lakes, without forgetting about the relaxing power of the silence that often reigns supreme in these places: in other words, a real panacea for the nervous system.