Top 5 on your “to see” list in Trentino

"Must-see" attractions of the UNESCO World Heritage sites for every traveller visiting the region

Wild animals during a snowstorm in the natural parks of Trentino
Top 5 on your “to see” list in Trentino
Top 5 on your “to see” list in Trentino


At sunrise and sunset, to capture the colours of the Enrosadira (Alpenglow). In Western Trentino, admire the Brenta Dolomites from the Paganella at dawn, climbing up from Andalo on the ski lifts. In Eastern Trentino, admire the sunset from Passo Rolle on Cimon della Pala and Vezzana.


In Molina di Ledro, on the shores of the namesake Lake, you can visit the pile-dwelling Centre managed by the MUSE of Trento, participating in fun experimental archaeology activities. Or you can try sleeping in a pile dwelling...


An interesting combination of culture and environment is to be found in Stenico, with the Castle, the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park Visitor Centre dedicated to plant life and the land art path "Bosco Arte Stenico".


In Predazzo you can visit the new Museum of the Dolomites, founded in 1899 and today managed by the MUSE of Trento. From here you can also embark on several touring itineraries, climbing to Doss Capel with the Gardoné cable-car.


Lake Garda from the top of Monte Brione looks like a Scandinavian fjord, but surrounded by olive trees. Less dramatic but of undoubted charm are also the soaring pyramids of Segonzano, in the vineyard-covered Val di Cembra.

Published on 06/06/2023