A candlelight toast

Who says you must wait for Valentine’s day to have a candlelight dinner? Every day is fine to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner. The magic of cosy, warm, soft candle-lit restaurants, Trentodoc sparkling wines and the aromas of exquisite delicacies: these are the key ingredients for a romantic evening, to indulge in a delightful tête-à-tête dinner. The real secret for a perfect evening however is to find the right restaurants. Some recommendations:

Where to have a romantic dinner in the Dolomites

"Who says you must wait for Valentine’s day to have a candlelight dinner?"

Agritur Agua Biencia – Pozza di Fassa

The small dining rooms, all positioned around the fireplace, welcome you in their cosy settings. The food is all prepared using the agritourism’s own farm produce (i.e. milk, cheese and meat), which Silvano turns into delicious, distinctively flavoured dishes and which Claudia will serve you with a lovely smile.

Località Ramon – 38036 – Pozza di Fassa (TN) – Mobile +39 345 2865410 – info@agrituraguabiencia.it

Dolomieu – Madonna di Campiglio

The well-known Dolomieu restaurant offers cuisine focused on the local area with a modern twist: a stunning blend of flavours and aromas. If you are planning a fairy tale romantic dinner, then you are in the right place in this wonderful Gourmet Restaurant, which was awarded the prestigious Michelin one-star rating in 2013.

Via Castelletto Inferiore, 10 – 38086 Madonna di Campiglio (TN) – Tel. +39 0465 443191 – booking@dvchalet.it

Madonna di Campiglio - Chalet Fiat

"The real secret for a perfect evening however is to find the right restaurants"

Baite di Prà – Val Rendena

If you want to discover the secrets of the area’s traditional cuisine, we recommend you dine at the Ristorante Baite di Pra, nestled in the Val di Borzago woods. The dishes are made with locally produced farm-to-table products that are lovingly and passionately used to offer wholesome, traditional Trentino cuisine. The warm, well-appointed restaurant will ensure you have a truly special dinner.

Località Prà – Val di Borzago – 38088 Spiazzo (TN) – Tel. +39 348 0025707 – info@baitedipra.com

Maso Santa Romina – Vanoi

In the Vanoi Valley, in an old family farmstead which became the Agriturismo Maso Santa Romina, there is a wonderful terrace overlooking the valley cloaked with the Santa Romina meadows. The farm mainly grows small berries and herbs, but it also devotes meticulous attention to its dairy business, which has for years been managed by Giglio and has now been handed over to his daughter Mirella, who prepares ricotta and tosèla every day. The food here is authentic, painstakingly prepared and rooted in the surrounding territory, following the rhythms of the seasons and the menu changes daily.

Via Mureri, 9 – 38050 – Zortea (TN) – Tel. +39 0439 719459

Published on 06/06/2023