Museums and Visitor Centres ...

... to learn more about geology

Museums and Visitor Centres to learn more about geology

The Dolomites are illustrated and narrated in various museums and exhibition centres. Let’s start our journey...

Large and small museums, collections, libraries: there are many places in Trentino where you can discover the secrets of Dolomite rocks. Starting with the MUSE in Trento, true "front door" to the Dolomites, we begin a first trip to the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa, before moving to the Brenta Dolomites and returning to the city of Trento.

Since the summer of 2015 the renovated Museum of the Dolomites, a branch of the MUSE, founded in 1899 as project of the Società Magistrale of Fiemme and Fassa, has been open to visitors in Predazzo. The collections consist of a portfolio of more than 11,000 specimens, including the richest collection in Italy of invertebrate fossils of the Meso-Triassic cliffs. The Museum spreads over the surrounding territory with the "Dos Capèl Geological Trail", open to visitors during the summer. The Visitor Centres of the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park – along with smaller museums and collections - also offer several interesting opportunities.

On the other side of Trentino, since 2014 the town of Carisolo, in the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park, has hosted the House of the Geopark, which offers the opportunity to discover geological wonders through models, dioramas, interactive experiments and multimedia stations, exploring specific topics in an entertaining way. Back in Trento, a special collection called “Fondo librario e documentale Dolomiti bene UNESCO” (Book and Document Collection of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site) was opened at the Biblioteca della Montagna-SAT.  Altogether the Library holds over 1,200 monographs about the Dolomites in general and over a thousand on the various mountain ranges.

Esposizione_Museo_Geologico_Predazzo_photo DFerrari | © Esposizione_Museo_Geologico_Predazzo_photo DFerrari

Geological Museum of the Dolomites

The rich array on display within the museum, integrated with the...

MUSE – Science Museum

MUSE – Science Museum

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