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Top hut-to hut tours in Trentino

Mountains are made for trekking but also for staying in cosy mountain-huts

When we say mountain hut we picture a small wood-cladded house nestled between towering peaks, the comforting smell of an open fire, a table spread with hearty food.

Mountain huts are a godsend retreats, cosy boltholes where we can finally free our feet from hiking boots. Exhausted but happy, we rest on terraces watching the sun set, sharing our stories with fellow mountaineers.

Nights are quiet but full of atmosphere. As lights go off, millions of stars light up the sky. A sweet reminder to get some rest ahead of the next day hike. As we watch a new dawn bathing the mountain crests, we feel full of excitement for yet another day of great hiking on the Dolomites is about to begin.

Here, we share with you the best hut-to hut tours in Trentino because staying in a mountain hut is one of the best parts of the experience.

Tour of the Brenta Dolomites

A popular circular trek grouping together some of the best mountain huts of the Brenta Dolomites: Casinei, Tuckett and Brentei. A classic long-distance trail of medium difficult promising spectacular sceneries of the Dolomites and the Adamello-Presanella group. Highly recommended for hikers passionate about the Dolomites and all-alpine things.

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Rifugio XII Apostoli in Val d’Algone

12 small rocky outcrops give the name XII Apostoli (Twelve Apostles) to this mountain hut located at the foot of Cima d’Agola and Pratofiorito, an enviable location affording far-reaching views of Carè Alto, Adamello, Presanella and Cevedale. The hut is a great base for hiking excursions along the Bocchette path and for rock climbing. The climb to the mountain hut is graded medium-difficulty and can be attempted through the Val d’Algone.

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Trek-king - Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa, home to the enchanting Ladin culture and the legendary King Laurino, offers some unique trekking experiences with more than 2240km of trails at disposal. Dolomiti Panorama Trek organises various hut-to-hut excursions, suitable for different levels of ability and training, to explore the outdoors, be in contact with nature (the valley boasts 2000 trees per capita) also participate to cultural and sport events.

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Dolomiti Palaronda Soft Trek - San Martino di Castrozza

A bare rocky desert perched at 2500 metres of altitude: the Pale di San Martino plateau. You can hike across this magnificent craggy extent following the organised tour Dolomiti Palaronda Soft Trek, a unique multiday trekking experience inclusive of overnight stop overs in different mountain huts. You can choose the Hard Trek option which involves a longer and more challenging route.

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See all offers for Let’s Dolomites

The best way to discover and hike the Dolomites is to join who knows these mountains like the back of their hands: Trentino’s Mountain Guides and Mountaineering Instructors. More than 200 qualified experts who, thanks to their passion and expertise, will take you on amazing trekking tours.

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Published on 16.04.2019