Not bad for a backdrop…

Whatever you’re doing in Trentino, our mountains will be an ever-present source of inspiration  

You’re going to have all kinds of adventures in Trentino – whether you’re here for a fun-filled family break, a multi-day MTB trek, or a gastronomic tour.

But whatever you’re up to, nothing will quite match the sense of wonder you’ll get when you first clap eyes on our mountains. You’ll never tire of looking at them. 

Dolomites UNESCO heritage

300 million years ago, vast coral reefs were formed in a shallow, tropical sea. Now the sea’s gone, and the reefs reach 3,000m into the sky. These are the Dolomites: ghosts from our planet’s distant past, and some of the most extraordinary mountains you’ll ever see. In 2009 UNESCO declared them a World Heritage Site; and they form the core of Trentino’s mountain landscapes.


Natural Parks

Together, Trentino’s three parks have created a vast reserve of flourishing wildlife and pristine landscapes. The Stelvio extends into Lombardy and the South Tirol and shelters more than 2000 species of flowers. In the east, the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino is home to forests of red spruce, which Stradivarius used in his violins. Meanwhile, in the west, the Adamello Brenta is a UNESCO-protected Geopark.


Beautiful places

Our mountains are full of beautiful places. Many are rugged and wild, such as the Val di Genova, with its thick forests and tumbling waterfalls. Others offer an extraordinary biodiversity. The Val Venegia, for example, contains 500 different plant species. But you’ll find them all over Trentino; threaded by footpaths and ready to yield their secrets. All you need is a little energy, and an explorer’s cast of mind. 

Published on 18/10/2021