Trentino, nice to meet you!

One of the Europe's most diverse and fascinating mountain regions

Trentino is located in the North of Italy, nestled between South Tyrol, Veneto and Lombardy.

If you look close at the outline of the province, it has the shape of a butterfly, with the Adige River as its body. That’s why the symbol of the Trentino is a blue butterfly. Flanked on one end by the transcendent Dolomites, Unesco World Natural Heritage site, at whose feet lovely alpine meadows, dense spruce forests or clear mountain lakes lie, and on the other the Lake Garda, the largest and most popular lake in Italy, a paradise for those who love sports on water and on land.

The region is a geographical and cultural bridge between Central Europe and the Mediterranean area, which is reflected in art, culture and lifestyle. The different valleys offer not only a lot of nature, but a mix of alpine traditions and Mediterranean “Italian lifestyle”, from cool mountain life to warm beach fun.

Our suggestions for a pure rush of adrenaline:

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Skipp over the waves on your surfboard on Lake Garda!
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Slide down the Avisio creek or river Noce on board of a dingh!
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Experience the thrill of  flying in the Dolomites!
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Downwhill mountain biking

Discover the best Trentino Bike Parks!
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Via ferratas

Looking for the  sense of crossing a void ?!


Cosy B&Bs and excellent farmhouses, charming hotels and guesthouses: these jewels of Italian hospitality will make you feel home during your stay.

All accommodation costs will be covered by Trentino Marketing.


Food and beverage:

Delicious spaghetti, pizza, fish, olive oil from Lake Garda, apples, herbs and Mediterranean aromas. 

Meals costs will be covered by Trentino Marketing.


Recommended activities:

  • Canyoning: unforgettable experiences walking through clefts and gorges in the heart of the creeks
  • Relaxing time: yoga sessions at dawn in the Dolomites
  • Hanging out for a meal: hop on a cable car and enjoy a meal by the Michelin-starred chef 
  • On the top of the world: spleep in the highest mountain hut in Trentino at the foot of Mount Vioz (3645m)


Other relevant inclusions:

  • Climbing together with the prodigy and the leading climber Czech professional Adam Ondra
  • Pizza party with live music
  • Local transfers
  • Trentino Guest Card 


Published on 06/06/2023